Spider-Man: Sewer Clash Lizard

This is another version of The Lizard action figure from Spider-Man world and this one happen to be the left over from the previous Spider-Man 3 movie merchandise produced by Hasbro. I happen to accidentally found it when I bought the super poseable Spider-Man and The Lizard figure that we reviewed here yesterday and this one is available at discounted price of SGD 15.00 only (about USD 12.00 / EUR 9.80 / 938 Yen). The size is slightly gigantic if compared to the other 2 and with such menacing looks, I think it's worth it to grabbed this figure as well.
OK, let's have a look at this figure now, first the packaging;

And now out of the packaging - no crappy weapon what so ever but comes with a "poseable tail" instead;

Just attach this tail there and you ready to go;

A little bit of close up look on this ugly beast;

The painting finishing, sculpt and detailing quality is quite pleasing, Hasbro did a great job on this one. The head/face part is quite remarkable and deserve some respect. The only thing that I dislike so far is the purple colored trouser LOL....

Articulation is just above average, nothing great about it but somehow I'm quite OK with it as you can somehow still have fun playing around with this ugly Lizard. The head can turn left and right, there are some decent sideways only articulation on the shoulder part, you get decent elbow articulation as well as on the hip/pelvis and on the knee part which is not so bad actually and lastly not to forget that "poseable tail" which you can adjust it as standing support accordingly;

OK, time to do some fun actions with the Spider-Man LOL;

Overall, this Sewer Clash Lizard comes with good painting finishing, great sculpt and detailing especially on the head/face part and the overall look is more "monstrous" if compared to "The Lizard" from the Amazing Spider-Man movie below;

Obviously we may have our personal preference and it's normal that some of us might like one over the other and some maybe like both of them. I'm not sure which one is better but I believe it's a good complement for my Spider-Man series related toys collection accordingly, simple as that. After all, I feel it's kind of sucks if we only have the heroes in our collection but none of the bad guys.... we should have both from the good and evil side LOL....



  1. well, it seems that i’m one of those who prefer the comic/tv series version over the movie version, also i don’t mind about purple pants =PPPPP... this figure is funny and colorful, oh i don’t think that there is a problem with proportion since in the comic Lizard is gigantic... lately the vintage feeling is getting tasty for me =)

  2. This look more like how a lizard should be! I believed this is the cartoon version and yes it look cool and very poseable indeed. Like the idea of removal tail. Just like lizard growing back the tail. Good review.


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