SIKU - 1934 Hymer Caravan

When Pablo Escobar retired from farming, he immediately bought a caravan so that he can feel like almost at home while a family picnic at the beach. Nonetheless, this is not about Pablo Escobar at all.

This is a 1/50 scale die cast car model of 1934 Hymer Caravan that comes with additional extra stuff and figures produced by the German brand called SIKU and yes, they are made in Germany.

I don't know much about Hymer or Hymer Caravan but I believe they're a German company specializing in "motor-home" and caravan manufacturing. Obviously not much information I can tell about this 1934 model, therefore, let;s just focus on this toys set instead;

Out of the box, you will get all this stuff;

First thing first, let's have a look at the Hymer Caravan;

The painting finishing and the exterior detailing seems to be quite good. The head lamps, tails lamps and brake lights are made of plastic parts which is quite nice indeed.

The wheels and tires sculpt is not bad either;

Now let's have a look at the features and gimmick from this Hymer Caravan. First that red thingy on the roof, I guess it's some box for you to put those surfing board;

You can open it up like this;

And the satellite dish thingy... you can lift it up like this;

The Hymer Caravan also features openable compartment and rear doors... like this;

Very cool right?

And now, this is one of the best features of it... at least in my opinion;

Yes... no mistake about it, removable roof so that you can see the interior of the caravan;

The interior detailing may not be extremely great or perfect but I think it's quite great, I can't remember any other brand offering the same features and the same amount of interior detailing for caravan. Maybe with a little bit of extra efforts, one can do a little touch up to make the interior looks more realistic or at least colorful, but so far as it is, I like what I get.

As for the cockpit interior detailing, it's pretty hard to show it on picture but from what I can se thru my eyes, the cockpit interior detailing is very good.

Overall, I'm happy with the painting finishing and the features/gimmick offered by SIKU thru this 1934 Hymer Caravan die cast scale model. My only wishlist is that it would be great if they put more effort with the interior detailing, maybe with a little bit more colors or paint job maybe but I guess if that were to happen, the price will increase for sure.

And now, it's time to look at the extra stuff and figures that comes with this Hymer Caravan;

No doubt about it, they make great diorama for display without much effort;

And of course we never forget about the 2 yellow bicycles;

Eventually, you can attached them at the rear part of the Hymer Caravan which is another cool feature;

Other than that, you can do your diorama as you pleased or just play around with them as long as you like and have lot's of fun;

This 1934 Hymer Caravan dioarama box set available locally for a mere SGD 35.00 (about USD 28.00 / EUR 23.00 / 2,188 Yen) and I personally feel that this is a very good value for money.



  1. now this is what i call great coming from Siku !!!... this motorhome was built on the chassis of a recent Peugout Boxer... the details and accessories are better than the regular models by this brand, i like specially the work on the wheels which look more realistic, the figurines are awesome... all that stuff for merely US$28 is a bargain, i’m sure i would have to pay much more for the same item since Siku is not available in my country... =)

  2. Indeed a well made Hymer Caravan with details from exterior to interior. Those bicycles that come it are really adorable too!


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