Revoltech - Takeya Takayuki Buddhist Statue Collection - Komokuten

This is another figure from "Revoltech Takeya" series focusing on the "Buddhist Statue Collection" specially sculpted by "Takeya Takayuki" and this time, we will review this deity with the name of "Komokuten".

The box;

Out of the box, you will get all these stuff;

A little bit about Komokuten, he is a Hindu deity incroporated into Buddhism. He is King of the West, member of the "4 Hevaenly King" and he guard West section associated with fall season, metal elements, awareness and white color. Komokuten literally means "Wide Eyed" or "Expansive Vision". Komokuten sees through evil, punishes evil, and encourages aspirations for enlightenment.

A little bit of close up look on the figure;

Just like the Tamonten that we reviewed yesterday, the articulation for this Komokuten is not great despite the fact that they are using the "Revoltech joint". The complexity of the "clothing design" does not help either but that doesn't take away the credit it deserved for the brilliant wood grain painting finishing and excellent sculpt by Takeya Takayuki.

The "jaki" which means "demon" who happen to be the display base for this Komokuten figure and thus you can see the moody face LOL;

These are the only two accessories that comes for this Komokuten - the writing brush and "sutra" symbolizing the power of Buddha's teachings to overcome ignorance, evil and all obstacles;

And now finally.... action pose time;

I love to do the "mid-air" pose for this deity.... make them them looks cool;


With the help of some tools (Tamashii Act-Stage) and correct lighting during photography, we could get some decent result like this;

We can also use any other stuff around the living room;

Tamonten and Komokuten, side by side;

Overall, this is a brilliantly finished figure of Komokuten. Everything from the sculpt, detailing and color and painting works are top notch and the best part is they come with decent price as well. Surely this is not the cup of tea of many people but they are market for this item surely.



  1. i have to say the wood version is good. Some people I know do not really want to get these as toys to play with.

  2. apparently they’re not so different, the suit in this one, in my opinion, has a slightly better design... i like very much the box art, i think they have a better design than those by Figma, it looks more neat and arranged... yep, this is something i would consider to collect... =)

  3. First time I see these Revoltech action figures of Japanese deity. Very refreshing to me. These series of deities or the 4 heavenly kings looks fierce with expression of Akuma!

  4. considering it's you I am sure you will have all 5 ^^


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