VooV - Isuzu GigaMax Truck - Super Ambulance

This is "VooV - Isuzu Gigamax Truck - Super Ambulance" - basically a transformable Isuzu Gigamax Truck into a Isuzu Super Ambulance. This is item is produced by Bandai (or rather in Shewsbury Land, we used to call them as "The Big Brother B").

"VooV" is a series of transformable toy cars into another model or version ranging from normal sedan/saloon cars, sports cars, van, trucks etc.

This product series from Bandai have existed for quite a long time already but only recently I happen to see them on the anniversary promotional sales of HLJ, the primary choice for online hobby and toys shop for Shewsbury Land.

Isuzu GigaMax is a line of heavy-duty commercial vehicle by Isuzu. The range was primarily available in other big-size trucks. and previous truck name is 'Isuzu Heavy-Duty Truck'. Most big-size models of the truck are distinguishable by a front 'Giga' and 'CXZ' badge, but the common Isuzu badge is usually used on the rear. In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great, Nissan Diesel/UD's Quon and Big Thumb, and Hino Profia. Outside Japan the truck series are in "C" and "E", for Comfort and Economic respectively.

Let's have a look at this item now;

Out of the box we will get the truck and a piece of sheet which acts as product information, brochures for other models within the "VooV" series and also as manual/guidance for transformation;

The transformation guide;

Other models within this "VooV" series;

This is the Isuzu GigaMax Truck;

The painting finishing is very good, the exterior detailing is not perfect but it's quite decent. I'm quite happy with this Isuzu GigaMax. Now, let's do the transformation process, in fact this is the main features and the bread and butter for this "VooV" series;

And just like that, this is it.... we now have Isuzu Super Ambulance;

Painting finishing is again very good, exterior detailing is not bad either;

We now compared this Isuzu Super Ambulance from Bandai VooV with the die cast model from Takara Tomy;

And obviously we can see that the detailing and finishing by Tomica is way much better than the VooV but then again the one from Tomica cannot transform into the other model;

Overall I'm quite impressed with this product produced under the "VooV" series by Bandai. Painting finishing is good and the detailing is decent but the main feature for this item is none other the unique transformation process into the other model. This is a unique and a fun toy indeed.



  1. this is an amazing toy !!!... if you ask, i would prefer thousand times (more or less LOL) this Bandai vehicle than the Tomica (you would say i’m the Tomica’s foe or the Tomica’s destroyer or the Tomica’s iconoclast... and you could be quite right HAHAHAHAHAHA)... good for you that you can catch toys like these and the better, for an affordable cost... =)

  2. Hi Chris, as usual thanks for your fun comments LOL... you seems to missed these 2 reviews, tell me what you think about it;



  3. Oh ya, the price for this "VooV Isuzu Giga" is only USD 4.00 - it's a great bargain and I'm sure even you will buy it at that price ^__^

  4. I saw this toy the other day at Takashimaya and find it very cool too! It's like two vehicles for the price of one.


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