Transformers - Dark of The Moon - Cyberverse - Mudflap and Skids

One of the things I like about mass produced toys from Hasbro is that there will be many (or rather too many) of them available in various outlets within the local market and after the "hot fever" and all the "hypes" is gone, new movies came out and another new set of toys will appear and thus the retailers will then have no choice but to do clearance sale for their old stocks.

I'm not really a big fan of Transformers but in general I do like them, I watched all the live action movies and some of the anime series and yeah, I do like them. As for those toys available from many local retailers, well, again I'm not a big fan who will buy the items the moment they landed on the shelves but instead, I prefer to wait till the "cooling off" period and grab them when the price is slashed up to 40% or 50% - by that time, it is indeed a sweet deal for me.

It's the same case for these Autobot twins, Mudflap and Skids. I've been wanting to grab them for quite a long time but I personally felt that their original retails price is kind of high. Recently though, the 2 of them are available at a low price of SGD 10.00 (about USD 7.80 / 606 yen) - yeah, that price for 2 units - half of their original retail price - I said to my self, this is a very good deal and a must grab and so here they are now..... Mudflap and Skids appear in Shewsbury Land....

So, let's have a look at this twins now;

First the packaging....

Out of the packaging, you will get the twins and their transformation manual accordingly;

As usual in accordance to Shewsbury Land tradition, let's have a look at this twins;

OK, for now, we focus on Mudflap first;

At "Level 1" of transformation difficulties, there is no doubt that this is indeed is one of those "entry level" for Transformers toys. Therefore, at such a low price (even at their original retail price), I guess we can't expect great detailing on them. What we will get is decent detailing and painting finishing and most of all the transformation process, simple as that....

Articulation is not great either.... but then, remember the price....

The transformation manual for Mudflap;

This is indeed pretty easy that basically you can just do it within 2 minutes or less.... this is now the vehicle mode, I think it's a Chevy Spark;

And now the Skids in robot mode;

Skids in vehicle mode - is it Chevrolet Beat? or is it the same Chevrolet Spark like Mudflap?

Overall, this is a cheap Transformer toys that doesn't promise many wonderful things but they do provide the basic transformation process as well as the decent look in either robot and vehicle mode. I guess many would say that this is more suitable for kids, but I like them because they are quite simple and cheap and most of all they are original products of Hasbro anyway and not from some cheap copycat brands.



  1. they not appear in dark of the moon yet hasbro have them under the dark of the moon ^^

  2. Sometimes, it's good to wait and delight yourself when toys go on discount. Must be thrill to have TF similar to matchbox cars and yet comes with simple transformation.


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