Tomica Limited - Honda NSX-R

This is a 1/59 scale die cast car model of the powerful Honda NSX from Honda Japan produced by Takara Tomy under their Tomica Limited Series.

You can read more about Honda NSX from Wikipedia, for now, I just want to focus on this die cast model.

The box;

Out of the box;

The detailing is quite good, Takara Tomy tried their best to copy the real car. The painting finishing, on this particular model is not great as I can spot some black dot and inconsistencies here and there around the body but its not so bad anyway.

Comes with rubber tyre and the "H" for "Honda" insignia at the middle of the wheel?

I like the rear detailing especially on that brake light area, they use red plastic part instead of just using red paint;

You can see some of the"engine parts" but let's be honest, it's not really that great and surely looks so "toyish" but at least they tried. I remember there is one die cast model of "AEM Acura NSX" from Hot Wheels give a better "engine shape details" but then again I dislike the color scheme of that particular car.

Interior details is OK, apart from the red seat, I guess there is nothing much to highlight about, it is the typical average interior detailing from Takara Tomy but I'm glad that at least the painted the seat in red color.

The interior is sealed, no openable door and thus not much more I can show on the interior part;

Overall, this is a nice Hond NSX-R (I guess that means "Type R") from Tomica Limited. It's probably not the best out there but I think overall it is still likeable and quite a decent item to compliment our collection.

Some photos with the other Honda in our collection;



  1. this particular model is not as good as other from Tomica Limited that you published previously (although the actual car has a great look) and although the plastic inserts for lights are a plus to consider, the improvement in the realism is not so obvious in this case... i like it anyway, even with the toyish look you mentioned... =)


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