Kre-O Create It - Transformers - SideSwipe

This is Kre-O Create It - Transformers - SideSwipe and apparently this is a birthday gift from my darling.

I'm not a big or a hardcore fan of Transformers series but in a way I do like them and I have watched all of the 3 Transformers movies from Hollywood so far and I do watched some of the animation series. I also not a big fan of Lego or any other type of similar brick building type of toys either coz at this age now I'm just too lazy to build anything. Nonetheless, since this is a birthday gift and since the color is red, so yeah, I kind of like it.

If you are Transformer fans I'm sure you know a lot more than me about SideSwipe and his hobby of watching porn movies so I wont talk much about SideSwipe anymore and let's just review this item for now;

First, the box;

And this is the result after some 3 hours of hard work building this SideSwipe;

And before we go further, you need to understand that when you buy this kit (or any other kits of this series from the same producers), the SideSwipe is not transformable. You can or need to choose in either building the robot mode or the vehicle mode... at the end there can be only one, unless of coz if you buy 2 units of the same item and then you can build one each to your liking.

I prefer the robot mode coz at least I can do some action pose with it..... so after the working hard to build this kit, this is the result, a decently big SideSwipe and 2 mini figures, 1 of them is the mini SideSwipe and the other 1 is just a plain guy with some unfriendly asshole face... LOL

Let's have a look at the SideSwipe in robot mode;

A little bit of close up look;

You've seen all the details there... it's up to you to judge on it. In my opinion it looks quite OK, not great, but just OK.... somehow it looks like a robot at least though I personally hate to see that dot dot thingy which is the typical attachment mechanism for this kind of brick building kind of toys - quite "Lego-ish". Then again, different people have different sexual preferences, so yeah.... up to you if you like it or hate it...

Surprisingly though, the articulation is very good, in fact I'm amazed with the articulation ability of this robot. The usual kneeling pose is never a problem.

And we do a little bit more of action pose for fun sake with this robot;

At the end, it feels kind of fun and enjoyable as well....

Now, let's have a look at the 2 mini figures;

The mini SideSwipe with red rifle or gun or what ever it is;

Articulation is quite minimum and typical for those mini figures from the same categories;

The man or the boy.... what ever his name or who ever he is.... I'm not sure if he like anal sex or not, none of my business anyway;

Articulation is quite minimum and typical for those mini figures from the same categories;

All 3 of them again together;

Overall, this is is decent SideSwipe in "Lego-ish" style. I love the black and red color scheme of it and I like the robot looks and the articulation ability. Even so, this is something that I wont buy at all but since I got it for free (as birthday gift), I don't mind to keep it. I'm not sure what hardcore Transformers fans opinion about his product but 1 thing for sure, this product is approved by Hasbro. They have several other characters from the Transformers like Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblee Bee and many more. If you have the stomach for such products, I'm sure you will enjoy them all.

Size comparison with the 1/6 scale Iron Man from Hot Toys;



  1. Happy Birthday John :D seems you had a nice one

    i was thinking buy these kre-o too but since realized they can't transform without disassemble seems only realy brick expert can made transforming stuff from bricks

  2. hey !!! nice gift !!! i had not seen this close a Kreo toy and i can see it has a quite similar quality to LEGO kits which i love (unlike you =P)... i think to assemble this kind of toys is a good therapy, so you can think in many things other than sex LOL... the size is respectable and the minifigs are very nice, probably i wouldn’t buy a TF toy of this line but i think is a worthy collectible item anyway... =)

  3. It's a great bd gift! There are two (Prime and Mirage) in my house but they belongs to my son. Hee! Hee!


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