Iron Man Fushion Armor Mk. VII with Spinning Saw Blade

This is an action figure of Iron Man with his Fushion Armor Mark VII (it's Mark 7 right?) that also comes with Spinning Saw Blade what ever that is. This figure is produced by Hasbro under their "Marvel Avengers" toys series available for the mass market from many local retailers at the price of SGD 19.90 (about USD 15.60 / 1,233 Yen) but I'm lucky to get it with 50% discount.

I'm sure by now, many of us knew about Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. managed to play the character of Tony Stark in a way that we love so much now and I believe it is one of the key to Iron Man's franchise popularity.

Thus, I wont waste any time to talk about Iron Man but instead, let's review this figure now;

The packaging;

Out of the packaging, you will get these stuff;

So, let's have look at the figure;

A little bit of close up look on the sculpt and detailing part;

I think the sculpt and detailing for this figure is quite decent. It doesn't promise wonderful piece of promise land but everything seems to be fine.

Articulation is pretty decent as well, we can do the usual kneeling pose which is a bonus for this kind of figure;

Decent knee and elbow joints plus a few more articulation on the shoulder and hips.... quite nice!!!

And now the Spinning Saw Blade... what ever it is... I actually don't fancy this stuff but since they come together, so... what ever...

From the picture that I saw on the packaging, I guess this is how the Iron Man will use it;

The blue blades does actually spin.... you need to use your finger to initiate the movement though, it wont spin on its own;

Overall, this is a fun cheap action figure of Iron Man Mark VII from Hasbro. It's 4 inches tall, not so big, but that also means you can easily carry it anywhere with you as you pleased. The sculpt, detailing, painting and finishing quality for a mass produce figure like this is quite decent and I have nothing to complain what so ever. If you are a serious collectors, you can always try those figures from Revoltech and maybe if you happen to have more money to spent, by all means you can try get those from Hot Wheels but I guess it wouldn't hurt to have this cheap action figure toys in your collection either. For those who can't afford to spent extras on their hobby, I guess this could be a nice selection for your collection, maybe if you wait a little bit longer, the retailers might sell this at discounted price and that is when you get more value for your money. I do love this tiny figure by the way.....



  1. this resin figure is very interesting, more toy-like but still with good finishing, the articulation is quite good as well, even the spinning shield (which is not you cup of tea) is a nice accessory, as you mentioned is a good and affordable figure... =)

  2. Mark VII already!!! I can't really differential them. Not too shabby for a figure going at 50% discount. Nice catch bro!


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