Iron Man - The Armored Avengers - Iron Man Mark VI

This is a 6 inches (about 15cm) tall action figure of "Iron Man Mk. VI" produced by Hasbro under the "Iron Man - The Armored Avengers " series. The size is quite decent for a playable action figure that also comes with some additional weapons and accessories.

The local price here is SGD 40.00 (about USD 32.00 / 2,485 Yen) which I believe is quite pricey but then again the choice is yours, buy it or ignore it. I personally believe that this figure is a better value for money at around SGD 32.00 (about USD 25.00 / 1,980 Yen).

Iron Man is so popular nowadays so I wont waste my time to talk much about Iron Man so for now, let's start the review instead:

The packagaing;

Out of the packaging;

You will get all these stuff; the figure, "launching missile" thingy and a few extra hands;

First, let's have a look at the figure;

A little bit of close up look;

In my opinion as a mass produce product, this item is decently finished, they are quirks here and there but then again, at a decent price, this should figure can satisfy most of the buyers as long as you control your expectation level.

Articulation is very good, in fact apart from those extra hands, the articulation is one of the main selling point for me personally. The usual kneeling pose is not a problem for this figure;

And we did a few more to show the articulation ability of this figure;

There is some decent flexibility to allow some movement on the upper body part;

Head and neck articulation is within expectation, left and right no problem, but can't look up and down;

And now... the fun things about action figure.... doing some fun action pose;

Iron Man Kick!!!!!!

A little bit of size comparison with the more upper class action figure of "S.H. Figuarts" from Bandai of Japan.

As you can see, this Iron Man figure is slightly taller than those typical action figures from S.H. Figuarts.

Size comparison with the 1/6 scale (12 inches) Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V and the tiny almost 4 inches figure of Hasbro Iron Man Mk. VII;

The launching missile thingy... I don't really bother about this thing but since this is a review, so I guess I just show a little bit of it;

Basically you need to put it on the arm of Iron Man, like this;

Press that button and off it goes;

And that's about it.....

Overall, this is decent action figure of Iron Man Mk. VI from Hasbro. The size is quite decent, it has fun articulation and the extra hands is a welcome addition. In a way one would imagine that this action figure trying to be those from Revoltech but at the same time want it to be at a lower cost. Those from Revoltech obviously have better finishing (though not necessarily perfect either), great articulation, nice additional accessories and packaging but of coz at slightly higher price and maybe the stock is quite limited if compared to those mass produced by Hasbro.

So if you are a big fan of Iron Man on the budget, you might want this figure as part of your collection or as something for you to play around with but even if you can afford a better item at higher price, I guess it wont hurt to have this figure as well.

A little bit of extras from us in Shewsbury Land.... Kamen Rider Iron? or maybe Iron Man Bike? LOL..... just for the fun of it, we borrow the bike of Kamen Rider OOO for him to use a little while.



  1. The bike too big for iron man. LOL

  2. Leon, in that case you can say the same for the Kamen Rider OOO also since that bike is originally for Kamen Rider OOO - since the size of this Iron Man is slightly bigger than those Kamen Rider figure, you can imagine how is it when the Ozu ride the big bike hahahahaha.....

  3. uhmmm.. with the Avengers in theaters still rolling Iron Man figures swarm, but i have not seen this one... it’s weird thing a figure 6" high with this kind of accessories, more usual in 3"3/4 scale... the articulation is great and i don’t think Revoltech does it a lot better, indeed is comparable and is made of sturdy plastic resin... i agree is a bit overpriced , but it’s an option to consider... =)

  4. is the launcher work properly ? missile launcher from most toys/figures these days don't work really good :(

  5. Aya, yes it works properly... fly quite far, 3 to 4 meters away like that...

  6. awesome reiew and great pics. i had to look at mine for a second time because yours looks brighter. the red on yours look like fire truck red, and mine looks maroon. mine is the walmart exclusive version. yours is the armored avenger version. hmmm...


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