Hot Wheels - 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

This is a die cast scale model of 1970 Plymouth Barracuda at miniature scale produced by Hot Wheels. I do love convertible (or cabriolet) car especially those roadster but this one surely not a roadster.

One of the main attraction on this car for me is the unique decals and name printed on the ar's body - "Purple Octopus Beach Rentals" - I'm not sure if that is just a fun sake name or if it's some sort of car rental company names but who cares? I just think that it's cool.

The Plymouth Barracuda is a two-door car that was manufactured by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1964–1974. The first-generation Barracuda, a fastback "A-body" coupe based on the Plymouth Valiant, had a distinctive wraparound back glass and was available from 1964–1966.

The second-generation 1967–1969 Barracuda, though still Valiant-based, was heavily redesigned. Second-generation "A-body" cars were available in fastback, notchback, and convertible versions.

The 1970–1974 "E-body" Barracuda, no longer Valiant-based, was available as a coupe and a convertible, both of which were very different from the previous models. The final model year for the Barracuda was 1974.

This car can produce over 300 hp, quite strong indeed for a convertible car and certainly breath taking to drive at maximum high speed.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

Features of the car that I like..... those octopus ^___^ as you can see below;

And these words "Purple Octopus Beach Rentals" on the side of the car;

Nothing great on the interior part, just typical simple Hot Wheels interior format;

And that's about it.... quite simple and yet lovely in mainly purple and a little white color scheme.

Overall, I love this car very much. Though the detailing is quite simple but the purple color scheme and those "octopus" is kind of unique and grabbed the attention of my eyes the moment I saw it and without further thinking. At the cheap price of SGD 3.00 (about USD 2.36 / 186 Yen) I think this is certainly a great value for money.

A little bit of extra photos with some of the other Plymouth in our collections;

Mixed them all together with other classic muscle cars produced by Johnny Lightning;

Side by side with a covertible Chevrolet car produced by Johnny Lightning;



  1. the Barracuda is a great Muscle Car with powerful performance and a very distinctive design, seriously one of my favorite in this segment... the convertible is always a superlative option and the casting of the body in this HW diecast is very neat and well done, but the interiors are just too toy-ish, specially compared with those from other diecast brands... i’m glad that you finally set free your JLs, they look fantastic and i’m pretty sure you agree, but a side by side between the JL’s Impala and the HW’ Barracuda is very unfair LOL... =)

  2. Cool addition to the fleet and the design on this sexy car is groovy.


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