Hot Toys - Iron Man 2 - Iron Man Mk. V

This is a 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark V armor/figure from Hot Toys.

Unlike many of you, even till today, I haven't watch the "Iron Man 1" movie yet, however, I did watched the "Iron Man 2" and "The Avengers" - so far I can understand it and I like it a lot, especially the Iron Man.

This Iron Man Mark V (Mark 5) armor suit appear in the movie "Iron Man 2" and that battle scene in Monaco street circuit racing track is kind of memorable (at least for me). This Mark V armor suit is kind of the most complex amongst all of the armors of Iron Man that we have seen so far in the relevant movies and this is the one and only armor that can be packed into a transformable beg unit in which Tony Stark can carry it anywhere and use it in the time of needy.

The Mark V armor suit is all about fast response unit, I believe it cannot fly and it doesn't carry many additional weapon system around it because the main purpose of it is surely speed and focus more into ground melee combat purpose... or so I assume... I guess the other hardcore Iron Man fans should know better than me but I don't care anyway LOL....

Some of the scenes from the movie featuring Iron Man Mark V in action;

Note: I do not claim any rights for the above scene pictures from the movie of Iron Man 2. All credits and rights belong to Marvel.

Nonetheless, let's not waste more time talking about Iron Man, let's proceed with the review of this figure from Hot Toys;

First and foremost, the box/packaging;

Out of the box/packaging, you will get the figure;

And all these stuff: the bag (basically the armor suit form in bag mode), 3 extra hands, 1 additional battle damaged arm and hand part, 1 additional battle damage chest part, the handcuff, the manual, the standard Hot Toys figure stand and 1 extra light up display base that also comes with additional part that you can use to make some sort of mid air pose.

Those extra stuff is one of the reason I wanted this particular "Mark V" - 1 thing missing here is the additional head of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) but I guess I can live without it. I personally feel that this particular version offers great value for my money - especially at the decently friendly price that I paid for it... not so cheap but way much cheaper than the standard price most people paid for it ^__^ so yeah, it's a great value for my money....

OK, let's have a look at the figure;

Now, let's have some close up look on the design and detailing part;

I believe Hot Toys have done their best to imitate what we've seen in the movie. Surely we know Hot Toys is a "master" when it comes to detailing and I think they have done one hell of a great job in producing this Mark V.

Now, my favorite subject when it comes to action figure..... the articulation part.... sadly, since it's common anyway for figure from Hot Toys that they don't really excel much in this department. Yes there some useful pivot points on the joint here and there but overall, it is not really that great. On this Mark V, though the articulation around the shoulder, arm and hands and all the way to the fingers (for the extra hands), plus additional minor articulation on the abdomen and waist part is quite decent, but due to the limitation caused by the armor design especially on the hips and pelvis area, this figure can't really do much on the leg parts. The knee and ankle joint is quite good though but again it's not enough..... pretty much minimal in fact...

However, I have expected this even before I bought this Mark V and since everything is within my expectation so far, I guess I'm not at all surprised or disappointed.

The wonderful fingers articulation;

I think this pose is kind of popular for Iron Man right?

A simple standing pose;

Next, let's see the light up feature..... now this is cool;

There is a switch at the back of the neck for the lights on the eye and then there is another switch at the back of the body to power up the chest lights - is it the reactor?

And lastly, there are also switches on both arms to light up the lights on the hands/palms;

The lights up effect on the Mark V:

Quite cool.... I'm sure this is one of the selling points for this products (and all Iron Man products from Hot Toys). Eventually even the smaller size action figure produced by Revoltech/Kaiyodo also have this features now but the lights effect on their product is only available on the chest part.... I guess that is better than none... right?

Another cool feature of this Mark V from Hot Toys is the additional battle damage parts on the chest and left arm/hand;

I like it a lot and at times, I do feel it's kind of difficult for me to decide on displaying this figure either with or without the battle damage parts.

And then, there is that bag and that handcuff;

The standard type Hot Toys display stand;

This is how you typically will use this stand to support the figure while standing;

And they gave this additional display base with light up effect as well which is so sweet;

The light features;

So you can display this Mark V like this;

or just like this;

And they also gave this additional parts, this is very useful if you want to do those mid air pose;

Something like this;

Overall, this is a brilliant figure of Iron Man Mark V at 1/6 scale (about 12 inches - more or less 30cm tall) from Hot Toys. The design and detailing is amazing. The lights features is loveable and the extra display base and battle damage body part are quite a nice bonus - great value for our money. The articulation is quite poor but obviously we know that Hot Toys never really excel in that department but one thing that Hot Toys did well are in the detailing and the finishing. This is not a perfect action figure but then again it's the same for any other action figure at different scale and price point anyway. It's really hard to get perfect detailing and wonderful features and marvelous articulation at the same time. There is always something missing or something for us to complained about.

If you have a reasonable expectation on this product, I'm sure that you will like it a lot. At the end it's all about choice and how much you willing to spend for your favorite Iron Man. You want tiny and playable and cheap price, you can go for those from Hasbro. You want decent size and lots of articulation and maybe also lights effect, be prepare to paid a little bit more and get those from Revoltech/Kaiyodo and as the popularity of Iron Man grow stronger, I'm sure that maybe there will be a few other toy company who will try to make their own version of Iron Man figure and throw it to the market.

I like this figure very much. I knew that most Hot Toys collector will rather keep their figures in the box (unopened and untouched) or but they are some (especially those who did the review) who don't mind to take it out from the box and display it on their shelves. They may have their own reasons but from what I can think off that is maybe because they love it so much and they don't want any damage or dirt on their collections. As for me, most of the times I will display this figure around my living room but I also will bring out this figure a lot, driving around with it, objectifying it, treat it like a friend who I can talk to when I'm alone, bring it to the beach and/or the restaurant, play with it, take photo with it and what ever (sounds crazy? yeah, maybe I am crazy LOL LOL LOL)

I love my toy so much that I want to bring it anywhere I go. If it suffered any physical damages or become dirty, I don't care, I paid for it, so better make the best use of it coz someday when we die, it's not that we gonna bring all our toys to the grave right? hahahahaha.....



  1. hey !!! you’re rich, i mean you must be the CEO of Shewsbury Corp. to buy collection figures like these =PPPPP... i don’t know if i would ever buy an item like this however i must confess sometimes i feel tempted, but my restricted budget keeps me safe LOL... despite the lack of fire-power in this armor, the design is beautiful and very convenient and the best if you have it in a suitcase... by the way, what do you mean with "friendly price" ??? =O

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting and your comments as always, I bought it for USD 157.00 only which is quite a friendly price (cheap)..... especially now that this item is kind of hard to get unless of coz if u happen to find those shops who happen to still have the stock....

  3. I'm not that rich, just a bit crazy when it comes to spending money, typical hobbyist who don't have much better things to do with their money hahahahahaha....

  4. cool~ I love the battle damage looking for this

  5. Wow your first HOT toys. I still have no budget on that yet. LOL Good for you as you enjoy what you bought and play with it! Respect!

  6. This is the scoop and only for the big boys! Masterpiece of HotToys and awesome to have in anyone collection. Ironman figure like this is at least 250 Singapore dollars market price.


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