Figma Saber Zero Version

The last time we have a Figma was in April 2011 and since then, none of the character produced under the Figma series catch my eyes and finally the familiar face from the popular Fate/Stay Night or rather this time around from Fate/Zero appear in the Figma series and surely we wish to get all of the characters if that is possible ^__^

So I'm not gonna waste time talking about the anime, if you are a big fan of the series then I'm sure you know a lot as well but if you don't know anything about the series, you can read some article about this anime from Wikipedia =

Now, let's go straight to the figure review..... first and foremost as usual... the box;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff;

The Figma Saber in her smart all black office attire with black necktie;

2 additional face expression and extra hair part;

Several extra hands;

Two swords, one of them is the "invisible air" version;

And effect parts for the sword's slashing movement;

Let's have a look at the figure;

The facial expressions and the hair;

Articulation wise is very very very good..... in fact I would say this is one of the best Figma Saber. The simple design of her body and costume made her looks like one of those Kamen Rider figures and thus action pose would be easier. The usual kneeling post is never a problem;

And a little bit more of extra pictures to show the articulation points and some of the action pose;

I like this all black smart attire...... feels like Saber is one of those CIA or FBI agents.... or typical office workers....

Unfortunately, I just don't like brown shoes.... I personally prefer black shoes.... just a personal taste though....

The sword... Excalibur and Avalon.....

The sword effect parts;

With this lighting settings.... the "invisible" is surely hard to see;

Now we change the lighting settings and at least for now we can see the "invisible" sword a bit...

And now, it's time for the "visible" sword;

Overall, this is another brilliant Figma for Saber and to my understanding, this figure sells like hot cake.... immediately received "discontinued" status from many online hobby shop a few days after the official released date. Max Factory and GSC surely knew that Saber is one of their greatest "money maker" and surely most of you Figma fans out there knew about some of those limited version of Figma Saber in several other variations and forms which received incredibly high retail price though they also comes with some other things like video games CD, booklets etc.

I would love it if Max Factory and GSC would want to release Figma for each and every character in the anime series.... I knew they are popular and sales is never a problem... but then again, that is just a hope.... Max Factory and GSC may have different opinions....



  1. wow sure you have saber figma army now ^^ I like the invisible sword there

  2. Figma figures are pretty much like those from Kaiyodo Revoltech and the only noticeable difference is the transparent display base... i didn’t know that Saber had an anime series, i thought she was a character from a videogame (?)... the figure has excellent finishing (specially in the face) although there is a weird contrast between the formal suit and the somewhat medieval sword, i like it even bearing in mind that is not my kind of character =)

  3. Hi, I happened to pass by your blog thru other blog. Nice review of Saber, I am a big fan of the Fate series merchandise and Saber is my favourite character. I got this figma too, but still in the box. Watching the photos here made me wanna open it up, lol.

  4. Hi James Chan, welcome, I'm glad that you like the photos... you should play with your Figma, don't just leave them in the box, after paying so much money for it, it's a shame if you don't even touch and play around with them...


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