Tomica - Tentmushi (Suzuki Carry)

The Suzuki Carry is a "kei" truck (a tiny but practical pickup truck in FR or 4WD version, built to satisfy the Japanese statutory class of light vehicles known as "keijidosha" in Japanese ) produced by the Japanese automaker Suzuki.

The microvan version was originally called the "Suzuki Carry" van until 1982 when the van was renamed as the "Suzuki Every". In Japan, the Carry and Every are "kei" cars.

Another example of similar "kei truck" that we reviewed here is the "Subaru Samber Noodle Truck"

I tend to like this so called "kei" vehicles as they seems to be gorgeous especially their miniature toys version like this one from Takara Tomy.

Details wise, Takara Tomy taken the typical minimalist approach but somehow they are still looks good and in a way try to imitate the real one without promising any extravaganza bonus.

I like the fact that this particular "Tentmushi" happen to have those rounded shape of side windows on the door there;

You can see the name "Tentmushi" here and there but that's about it, not much to brag about;

Overall, I like this "Tentmushi" coz it looks gorgeous and pleasing my eyes despite the overall simple boxy squareish of it's body design. This vehicle does not promise higher performance or fastest speed on the road but for those doing small business in the vegetables market or anything alike, this vehicle can be their source of life.



  1. HEHE... this minivan looks cute and is pretty much a mini house trailer... somehow Takara tries to give some charm to their models with features like those we can see in this diecast, which i guess compensates the noticeable lack of detail... the Carry van was very popular here but was marketed as a Chevrolet product, nowadays we are invaded by chinese minivans which are not so bad actually... =)

  2. The roof can be lifted but not sure the maximum it can go. What is it the lifted part of the roof in real life?

    1. Peter Phang, you can see it here =


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