TRD Crown S180 Junichiro Custom

As I mentioned in the review of Takara Tomy Toyota Crown from the link below;

I personally dislike the dark green color scheme and thus I decided to do some customization on that car and this is now the final result... I named this customized version as "TRD Crown S180 Junichiro Custom" - tuned by "Tsuchiya Keiichi" and "Kitami Jun" ^__^

I changed the color from dark green to pure black and I put some TRD decals to make it more horny LOL....

And oh... I also changed the tires/wheels... I stole these tires/wheels from another die cast car at around similar scale;

This is how the original tires/wheels looks like;

I also put a Toyota decal at the back here;

And that's about it....

My painting finishing works aren't perfect either for this particular car (well, I never did anything perfect anyway) but I don't give a damn about it... it's done and it's black, the way I want it to be and I'm happier now... simple as that.



  1. uhmmm... some people need some good manners classes... not me, neither you... HAHAHAHA... leaving aside my criticize about your paint work, i think there was an improvement in the look of this almost generic familiar sedan... i mean, i looks more like a Mercedes E Class, more sporty, which is great !!!... i dunno if i would do a customization in any of my diecast, but i begin to think about it more and more... =)


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