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One of my friend who happen to be a student in this local technical school or rather college, they call it MTSSR Brunei - something like that told me about this special every Saturday SGD 6.00 (USD 4.80) buffet in his school fully organized and prepared by the course teacher and the students (his fellow classmates) and he invited me to give it a try and maybe do some review for promotions.

Thus without any shame (since I am a big fan of great foods), last Saturday, I paid a visit to his school or rather classroom which they called as "Long House Training Cafe".

But first, a little bit of info that we found from the internet about this MTSSR.

MTSSR was established in 1985 as a result of a merger between the Sekolah Bangunan Sultan Saiful Rijal (1970) and the Pusat Latehan Teknikal Brunei (1977).

MTSSR is one of the fastest growing technical institutions in Brunei Darussalam.

Today, MTSSR is a full-fledged premier technical institution offering a wide range of courses in vocational and technical fields

Source =

So basically this is one of those vocational/technical school where the students learn something different from the other normal school. You can learn basic to intermediate skill level of things like mechanical engineering, computer engineering, AV technology (please note that the "AV" in here not Adult Video which is normal in Shewsbury Land, but rather in this context we mean "Audio Video Engineering ^__^), electronic and communication engineering, cookery and services and many other attractive and specialized courses to trained the youth to have all the technical and vocational skills so that they can contribute something back to the community and the country in the near future apart from making themselves rich if possible LOL...

Actually, when I was young, I also study Electrical Engineering.... I passed all the exams but I don't know what happen along the way and I end up working as a pervert Creative Director in Shewsbury Land...

This is my friend, Hector Hernandez, he is not Mexican but he understand little Spanish and a little bit of Japanese. He is the one who invited me...... thanks a lot to him.....

This Saturday Special Buffet thingy.... the operating time is from 10.30am to 1.30pm - I arrived at around 11.00am and for now, let's have a look at the interior of the cafe/restaurant;

at all those glorious foods;

Frankly speaking, at first I just expected it to be just a simple classroom converted into some sort of restaurant thingy and obviously I am wrong.... I'm pretty much impressed and admired how this bunch of students with the guidance of their teacher able to create such a nice interior environment that makes me feel that I am in a real restaurant and not in a school/class room. As a side note, I like their simple classic black and white uniform, certainly awesome. Well done to all who have contributed to this....

And now, it's time to have a look glorious foods;

Oh yeah, this time around, I was lucky that the them of their buffet is "Italian Food":

The drinks offered and included into the SGD 6.00 buffet price are hot coffee and tea, lemonade and plain water which is excellent....

And now the food;

El Pizza De Maldini Milano Mini - The pizza, nothing great but I think for the price, it's quite good;

La Roma Lasagna and Torino El Potato - I just loved their lasagna, my libido increased dramatically after eating it - it is the best amateur lasagna I've ever eat in here... in fact, better than those from Pizza Hut, no joke bu true;

Giovanni De Naples Beef and what ever that thing next to it - both are nice though ^__^

Capello Che Bella Giornata Rico - basically plain steam rice to cater the need of those rice loving Asians;

Del Pierro Ipnotizzante Zuppa - the soup, I guess mushroom soup, I'm not quite sure but I love it soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh;

Dessert selezione gloriosa - some nice dessert there, those bread thingy, some nice fruits assortment and those white thingy with red cherry on top.... brilliant, absolutely brilliant;

And oh, they also have this omelet stall thingy.... marvelous, extremely marvelous...

So on my first round... I took all these;

On my second and third round, I could only take these;

Apart from the free drinks (lemonade, plain water, coffee and tea) I also ordered this "Cactus Juice" for an additional SGD 2.00 (USD 1.60);

The name is quite weird but who cares, it offer you 3 type of tastes - sweet, sour and salty. According to rumors, this "Cactus Juice" was an original inspiration and idea of Saddam Hussein (the former dictator of Iraq) and then later it was developed and modified further in Egypt before finally landed in South East Asia - no body know how true is this though, not even me LOL;

SGD 2.00 for this fantastic juice.... Awesomeness!!! you can never get better than this.... Love it!!!

And slowly but surely towards around the typical lunch time (12.00pm) more and more people comes... mostly are the students and teachers from the college but they are a numbers of outsiders like me as well;

And it's almost 2pm, I'm full - they want to close shop and do the clean up... so before I leave, I took some photos of the talented students that made all this happen...

Overall, I personally feel it's a fantastic experience and I am truly happy with it, my 2 friends who joined me also are equally impressed with everything they have eaten. Italian food buffet for SGD $6.00 (USD 4.80) is a steal - gorgeously great value for money. You can never get the same deal from any other Italian restaurant around, this is overwhelmingly fantastic, no doubt about it.

The teachers are friendly, the students being a waiters/waitress are quite friendly have great manners too, nothing to complain about the set up, it's nice and more importantly the food are stunningly outrages.... damn good!!!!

Words are not enough to show my appreciation but if I have to I to say a compliment about their food in plain and simple, I guess I would say "mesmerizing food at unbelievable price"....

As for complains.... what complains? all these are prepared by the teacher and students with lots of efforts and love... despite their lack of experience and knowledge and probably also tools and other stuff and considering the time they had and the amount of energy they have contributes, I think they couldn't done it any more better than this... thus as a happy and satisfied customer, I have no complains what so ever.... bear in mind, these students are not yet a professional but someday they may have the chance to be so.... to those who probably have too many complains on their mind... I guess you're just a wimp, no more than that.... I guess maybe a constructive suggestion is way much better than complaining....

The only suggestion I could think off for now is that next time, maybe they can consider providing a "Tip Box" so that a generous customer like me can put in some tips as an appreciation of their excellent food and services.....

By the way... they changed the menu on weekly basis, so I'm not sure what will be the theme for next week.... I look forward to be their regular customers if I have the opportunity ^__^

You can contact one of the student thru his Facebook to ask more info about this =

As a side note, all the food names above, I actually invented them up as I please, I don't know the real name, so don't be so serious about it, what ever the names are, we love the food so much till we forgot the name LOL....



  1. The food made me hunger! That's what I call 'eat & work'... I simple can't resist almond pudding...


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