Datsun Pink Lady

This is our extra unit of Hot Wheels Datsun Blue Bird 510. This time around we decided to give the car a cutey lovey dovey girlish look and I think pink is ideal color for this project.

Many of us familiar with Nissan Fairlady.... and now, meet our "Datsun Pink Lady 510";

Decals wise, I don't put too much on this one, just a few here and there.... I go for minimalist approach this time around;

It's not neither perfect nor great but more importantly, I'm happy with it... you wont see much Pink Datsun BB 510 around... this is one of them, so in a way, this is a rare customized version LOL.....



  1. The car looks so much cuter in pink and always nice when I add in the decals.

  2. That was pretty girlish. If my little sister will be seeing that, I'm more than sure that she'll be nagging our parents to get her one.

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