1/64 Tamiya Collector's Club - Au Cerumo Toyota Supra 2003

This is a 1/64 scale die cast car model of Au Cerumo Toyota Supra from JGTC 2003 produced by Tamiya under their "Collector's Club" series.

The JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring Championship) is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association (GT-A).It was authorized by the Japan Automobile Federation and recognized by the FIA.

It was established in 1993 by the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) via its subsidiary company the GT-A (GT Association) — replaced the defunct All Japan Sports Prototype Championship for Group C cars (that was terminated by the end of 1994) and in the same year Japanese Touring Car Championship for Group A touring cars, which would adopt the supertouring formula which was used worldwide.

Seeking to prevent the spiraling budgets and one-team/make domination of both series, JGTC imposed strict limits on power, and heavy weight penalties on race winners in an openly-stated objective to keep on-track action close with an emphasis on keeping the race goers happy.

Despite the name JGTC, the series racing event are mainly happening within Japan but in recent years they also includes the magnificent Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia as one of the official racing venue for the series.

I personally don't know much about JGTC though I can tell that this is where we can see lots of Japanese sports cars tuned to the max and become a real circuit racing monster.

Thankfully though, this die cast car model from Tamiya also comes with some information about the car which you can read from the picture below;

And now, let;s have a look at the car, this package comes with nice acrylic casing;

And also a nice display base with the car's team name printed on it;

The main reason I would want this model is simply because I do like Toyota Supra but don't have any Toyota Supra yet in my 1/64 collections.... though this one is the JGTC version or rather you can say "sports/racing version", then again, I think at least it's better than none. It can be difficult to get the die cast model of this car recently, especially with decent price. You may find them thru e-bay but be prepared for a high price.

When it comes to this kind of full racing version, it's all about those fantastic decals;

Other external details like front lights are not great as they just use sticker or decals for it but it's not so bad anyway, however, the disc brake detailing is quite great, the same goes for the wheels and rubber tires which is remarkable.

The decals are all consistent and properly done on every parts, sections and corners of the car's body.

The chrome exhaust pipe is brilliant.... I love it... and as you can see on the rear here, the brake lights and signal lights are also from stickers/decals.

Other than those decals, the other feature of this car is the openable doors;

This is how it looks like on the bottom... since they use screw, we can analyze the interior details of this car;

Naturally, if this is from Hot Wheels or Fast Lane or even Maisto which I can easily get from any local stores, I would certainly remove those anti-role cage/bars.... however, since this Tamiya product has been discontinued now and its pretty hard to get them, thus I decided not to change anything... just leave it as it is.....

From my observation the interior details is quite good and I'm happy with it.

Overall, this is a very nicely finished die cast car models and since it comes with a nice packaging, acrylic casing and display base, I think it is a very nice model for our collection and worth to keep as it is. Toyota Supra is one of the popular sports car produced by Toyota with good high performance output. I can't get my hands on a normal road version of Toyota Supra yet at this point of time but I guess, this will do....



  1. this is an awesome diecast, even better than the previews... i like racing cars, along with the street/normal versions, but the collage of logos and the brilliant color schemes make me prefer the first over the latter... it’s a valuable haul... =)

  2. Awesome diecast by Tamiya, the company that knows cars a lot better than most. Details from exterior to interior.


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