Tomica - Honda Civic Type R Euro (FN2)

This is Honda Civic Type R Euro (FN2 - European version) at 1/68 scale produced by Takara Tomy.

"Honda Civic Type R" is the highest performance version of the Honda Civic made by Honda Motor Company of Japan. It features a lightened and stiffened body, specially tuned engine and upgraded brakes and chassis. Red is also used in the interior to give it a special sporting distinction and to separate it from other Honda models. In Japan, a one-make series of Honda Type R cars where privateers can purchase an off-road Type R and compete in a series championship is a stepping stone for many aspiring racing drivers.

The European market Civic Type R is offered only as a three-door hatch back and uses a different chassis and internal layout (notably tank placement below the driver's seat), which will serve as base for the next European Jazz. The rear suspension, formerly a double wishbone setup, has been changed to a less complex torsion beam axle. The drive train is largely the same as the outgoing model, offering 201 PS (148 kW; 198 hp) at 7,500 rpm and 193 N·m (142 lb·ft) of torque at 5,600 rpm. It runs on 225/40 R18 Y88 Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres, while optional 19-inch Rage alloys run on Yokohama Advan Sport 225/35 ZR19 88Y tyres. The car has a curb weight of 1,267 kg (2,790 lb).

Please take note though that I have put some additional decals on this reviewed model;

Features of this car.... not much, but you can see the "Honda" logo prominently on the front there;

Additional features now is that I put that "Mugen" decals on certain parts of the car:

And lastly, the openable hatchback door;

Overall, this is a good miniature replica for Honda Civic Type R Euro (FN2). The painting finishing and the overall quality is good and I have no complain on that but perhaps my one and only complain will be the scale - 1/68, I think this car has become visibly smaller especially if you put it side by side with the other Honda Civic Type R (FD2). I believe 1/64 scale would be better then again this is what Takara Tomy have produced and probably they have their own logical reason for favoring the 1/68 scale so you can like it or loathe it... at the end, it's your choice.... I still buy anyway LOL....

Tiny 1/68 scale :-(

Side by side with Honda Civic Type R (FD2);



  1. Nice hatch-back and red on Honda car makes it sexy!

  2. this car was never released here, although Honda has a subsidiary in my country... indeed not much coupes were released here as far as i know, barely some racing coupes by Peugout which are great, but only a few were imported... i mean the actual cars of course... this one looks really nice, the scale is weird but there is no much difference between the 1:64 and 1:68, at least from what you can see in the pictures... =)


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