Mugen Honda Civic Type R - Junichiro Custom

I like the Honda Civic Type R and thus I bought 3 units of them and I decided to customized 1 of them to be like what I called now as "Mugen Honda Civic Type R - Junichiro Custom"

If you want to read the review of the "Honda Civic Type R" from Takara Tomy, you can visit the link below;

This customization works is basically just a minor touch up here and there using black paint and some decals and this is the result;

I like the original majority white color scheme and I just add a little bit more of black to imitate the "panda theme";

The decals;

That's about it... not much really but I'm quite happy with the final outcome. It's not perfect and not great but it is really what I hope it will be and I'm happy and proud with it....



  1. the Honda Civic Type R is a beautiful car with a futuristic design bu with a familiar approach (i mean, as a sedan for the family)... about your customization, i found it pretty fine and the decals give it a new feeling, sportier... once i give a try to my model kits, maybe, just maybe i will try with a diecast, just for fun... =)

  2. I think the customization with paint and decals are fantastic. Now, the Type R is more unique and Ah Beng.... Lolz...


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