Fast Lane - Nissan Fairlady 350Z

To wrapped up our latest findings on Fast Lane brands, this is now the 3rd Japanese car model that I bought together at the same time with Honda S2000 and Toyota Soarer. This is none other than the overly popular Nissan Fairlady 350Z at around 1/50th scale produced by the relatives of "Toys R' Us" outlets - the "Fast Lane".

The price is a mere SGD 2.95 (USD 2.40) and at that time, they have this buy 2 free 1 promotion - extremely good deal especially if you get all your favorite Japanese cars ^__^

The packaging;

It seems that the packaging color scheme choice of this Fast Lane mimicking the color of our blog - Shewsbury Land.... LOL....

Nonetheless, let's see the "Fairlady" in yellow;

The Nissan 350Z (known as Nissan Fairlady Z Z33 in Japan) is a two seat sports car that was manufactured by Nissan from 2003 to 2009 and marks the fifth generation (codename: Z33) of Nissan's Z-car line.

After the Nissan 300ZX was withdrawn from the U.S. market in 1996, Nissan initially tried to keep the Z name alive by re-creating the 240Z the following year. The car was conceived by Nissan's North American design team in their free time, and the concept was introduced in a four state Road Show in July 1998 to various car media, dealers and employees. Yutaka Katayama, regarded as the "Father of the Z" unveiled the Z concept sketch to the public when he received a motor industry award.

The 350Z is a front-mid engine rear-wheel-drive two door,two seat, sports car designed by Ajay Panchal of Nissan Design America(San Diego, California).

The vehicle features the long-hood short-deck design common to the Z-Car family. Currently, external design highlights include: sloping fastback style roof line, unique brushed aluminium door handles, high waistline, and bulging fenders that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle.

Interior cabin design is straight forward with brushed aluminium accents. The main gauge pod is mounted directly to the steering column allowing their movement to coincide with steering wheel adjustments. Additional gauges are mounted in a center triple gauge cluster (similar to the 240Z/260Z/280Z). Touring models are equipped with the Bose sound system get a 6 CD changer and 8" Bose sub mounted behind the drivers seat. The 350Z’s interior does not have a conventional glove box, instead it makes use of various storage compartments located either behind or between the 2 seats.

Just like the Fast Lane cars that we reviewed previously, not much external features to be highlighted apart from the painting and the decals for the car manufacturer and model name. In this case, you can see the Nissan logo on the front as it supposed to be;

The "Z" logo on the side;

And another Fairlady and Nissan emblem on the rear;

And that is all.... no more no less....

Overall, Nissan Fairlady 350Z is a tremendously popular car and brand for Nissan and the sales performance of this model is quite successful for Nissan due to the it's long history associated with the "Fairlady and Z" name. Locally here, nowadays I've seen lot's of this car (either the 350Z or the latest 370Z) here and there more than my personal favorite Nissan Silvia (S15).

As for this die cast car model from Fast Lane, it's quite good, I'm happy with the decent finishing though obviously it is not as great as those from Takara Tomy. It comes with the original Japanese style of right hand steering wheel which is important for my personal taste and most of all, the interior, though I can't really show it to you in this review (since I don't plan to open up this car) is surprisingly good. They sealed the whole interior of the car but if you happen to have this car and when you look closely and compare them to those from Hot Wheels, I can assure you that it is better than those from Hot Wheels.

This is now all my special sudden findings from Fast Lane brand for this 3 models of exciting sports cars from the 3 big brand of Japan - Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

The red and yellow color is so Shewsbury Land..... LOL

Last but not least, we shall protect them from those naughty dust....



  1. The hub cap is very big but the tire thin. Is the car supposedly so?

  2. Dennis, interesting opinion, I guess they try to imitate those "sports wheel" which is quite big in size thus the rubber part is quite slim.... not actually accurate, but nice try... oh well, it's SGD 2.90 - so can't complain much LOL....

  3. it seems you’re an advocate for Tomica (Takara Tomy) diecasts, isn’t it ???... in my case, Tomica doesn’t meet my requirements in detail althought the paint job is excellent... i mean, the casting is not so precise even compared with those from Hot Wheels, not to mention Johnny Lightning and other brands... also the price factor, in my country it would be around US$8 or US$10 each one which is crazy for something so basic... now, leaving aside complaints to Tomica, i think this brand (Fast Lane) is doing an above average work on their models and i like them... anyway i’m trying to get something from Tomytec for a decent price (not everything in Takara’s diecast is that bad LOL) =)

  4. Chris, it appear to be so but not really... though actually, from my point of view, when it comes to Japanese cars, Takara Tomy have the most of them, from the sports version to the normal road version, they almost have em all..... and from my experience, when it comes to Japanese cars, if compared to those from Hot Wheels, I personally prefer the Tomy version simply because most of them are typical normal road version and not the sports version only like those offered by Hot Wheels.... just a personal taste...

    about the price, yeah, since this is from Japanese brand, the price is not cheap, when it comes to price, I guess Hot Wheels is a better deal but that's the way it is for now.... in here, normal Takara Tomy cars price is SGD 5.95 (USD 4.77) while Hot Wheels and regular version of Johnny Lightning is at SGD 3.50 (USD 2.80) and Fast Lane SGD 2.95 (USD 2.35) - sometimes the Hot Wheels and Fast Lane also comes with "buy 2 free 1" offer which is nice ^__^

    We are lucky that for now, there is no tax for toys item in here ^__^

    basically for me, if I want American muscle cars or Western cars, I go for Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels and Maisto but if I want Japanese cars, then Tomy is the first choice.


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