Tomica - Mitsubishi Canter Sakai Moving Service

This is another Christmas presents that I got from a good friend of mine last Christmas.

"Mitsubishi Canter Sakai Moving Service" truck produced by Takara Tomy.

The box;

Out of the box;

And now finally out of the plastic wrapper;

This truck comes with some gorgeous features like those gorgeous decals - I love that Panda;

And to make it sweeter, the cargo storage door is openable;

That's how it looks like in there;

Overall, this is a brilliant miniature replica of the "Mitsubishi Canter Sakai Moving Service" truck with the usual great painting and finishing from Takara Tomy and the Panda is certainly an attention grabber that make it looks gorgeous!!!! This truck shall join the rest of the majority "Japanese stuff" down there on our liquor cabinet......



  1. this truck is an usual carrier of goods in my country, along with the Chevrolet NPR from Chevrolet/Isuzu and that’s why i find this one very interesting... the casting is pretty simple (maybe too much for my taste) but the decoration was nicely done, also the openable rear doors are a nice detail... i received as well some diecasts as gift (which i will publish soon) and that’s perfect for me =)

  2. I just love the cuteness of the panda bear on the lorry. Hee! Hee!


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