Matchbox Ice Cream Van

Saw this cutey pinky Ice Cream Van from Matchbox in one of the local toy shop and without further delay, I bought it simply because of it's cuteness LOL...

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

Features wise, this is just a simple van, Matchbox don't even mentioned who is the maker and I don't care anyway. This van is all about beautiful pink ice cream van with all those creamy decals LOL

On the backside you can see the ice cream operation unit;

Surprisingly though this van comes with right hand steering wheel (British/Japanese style);

And that's about it....

Overall, as I mentioned earlier, this van is all about pink ice cream van - plain and simple - in a way it reminded me of the time when I was a lot younger as a kid and we always "being alert" about the ice cream van when it comes to our neighborhood. I was from a very poor family back then and I think I only bought the ice cream once..... but then again, now when I'm old enough, I realized that those sweet ice cream is not really good for kids and certainly not to be eaten often. If you ever watched the Eddie Murphy talk show "Delirious" you would remember the ice cream joke story that he told us (the viewers) which also interconnected with the story of his family LOL...

I m lazy to do any further customization on this particular pink ice cream van, I think it's better to leave it as it is in original state - plain and simple - gorgeous and sweet ^__^



  1. i love this ice cream van not only for its cuteness but for its great detail, paint/silkscreen/pad printing job... i have not seen this delicious item here... it reminds me the Skids/Mudflap ice cream van from the ROTF Transformers movie and is for me an instant classic !!!... man, seriously i’m jealous !!!

  2. This is one unique die-cast car. It's like the one shown on TF movie.


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