Maisto All Stars Haulerz

This is a wonderful long truck or rather "haulers" from "Maisto All Stars Haulerz" series at 1/64 scale. I don't really fancy those bog long truck/haulers but the decals and finishing of this particular item is mesmerizing and thus I cannot ignore it either. I guess there is always the first time so this is indeed my first ever long vehicle - though due to the size, I hope it is also my one and only - due to space issue, I don't rally want to have more of this item ^__^

So first and foremost, let's have a look at the packaging;

The local price here from one of the popular major Chinese departmental store is only SGD 21.00 (about USD 16.00 / 1,200 yen) and if you happen to buy this during those special holiday sales, you can get a nice 15% discount plus another 10% extra discount if you are a customer of certain banks ^__^

And now... out of the box;

Even at 1/64 scale, this haulers is exceeding 30cm in length, end to end... >__<

The main selling point or attraction for me on this item is those wonderful "Pro-Rodz" label here and there.... it is absolutely brilliant;

There are some eye catchy decals also available on the front part here;

Another fun features of this haulers is the openable "engine" hood;

And thus, you can see the "engine".... cool isn't it?

Big tires and chrome wheels - very nice....

Now, let's have a look at another important feature of this haulers;

The openable rear cargo compartment unit door;

Trust me, after all that lengthy size, if this feature is missing, I (and maybe also you) will be very disappointed with this item.... thankfully though, it's there;

And with that.... you can add in some fun by trying to put in those 1/64 scale cars in there;

Maximum 3 cars at 1/64 scale can fit inside....

And lastly, let's have a look at the interior detail of the driver's cockpit;

This is it;

Pretty simple but I guess I can live with it... I don't plan to do any touch up what so ever on this one....

Overall, this is an extremely exciting "Haulerz" from Maisto. The painting finishing, the decals and marking, the features and the price are lovable. I'm happy to finally have my first ever "haulerz" and as I mentioned earlier, I hope this is the one and only. Apparently they offer several other models with different variety of colors, decals and marking flavors for you to choose, Apart from this black, I love the other one in red color scheme.... but no, this is enough ^__^



  1. "but no, this is enough ^__^"... come on, would you believe it ???... i don’t think so... if i had more space and budget, i wouldn’t mind into have many of these trucks parked in my garage... they’re too big to go unnoticed, indeed one of my frustrated dreams is to own a big truck, better by Peterbild and customized for my very own taste... this truck is pretty decent and i think i saw some of them in the local stores of my hometown... i like the upper windows in the trailer and the decoration is awesome !!!... by the way, i’m planning to get at least one of these trucks, so you should stay tuned with my blog...

    P.S.1. Thanks for consider me a Muscle Cars expert but i think i’m not that good =)

    P.S.2. nice wooden floor !!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... just kidding XD

  2. LOL, Chris, budget is not a problem, this thing is exciting and quite cheap, my real issue is space >__<

    If I got a bigger house and bigger space, then maybe I don't mind to get the red colored haulerz as well.

    You have a dream to owned a real big truck like this? wow, you certainly have big taste LOL... I don't think I can handle such a big truck, not east to drive and reverse parking will be a nightmare for me hahahaha...

    The wooden floor is a standard floor in my apartment building ^__^

    The truck is too big for my usual "white studio" so I end up doing most of the photography on the floor LOL

  3. Really cool that it's able to house some cars. You are very detail in your cars review. The way you do it like post-mortem.

  4. LOL, thanks Dennis, my review is not perfect but I try to do the best I can since for now I still have the passion for it....


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