Hot Wheels - Nissan Datsun Bluebird 510

This is a classic Nissan Datsun Bluebird 510 produced by Hot Wheels.

Back then, several decades ago, this model seems to be popular even in the US of A and thus Hot Wheels decided that the miniature scale model of this car is worth to be produced and the sales opportunity is quite good - certainly Hot Wheels was right about that decision.

It's kind of hard to get this car you know, you may find 3 or 4 or more toy shops or those big departmental stores selling Hot Wheels cars but that doesn't guarantee that you can or will find this model easily amongst all those assorted Hot Wheels cars that they have in store. This particular one, I managed to get it from a fellow collector of Hot Wheels who being so kind to sell it to me at his cost price.

The Datsun 510 series was launched in August 1967 and it was it was one of the most comprehensive Bluebird ranges in terms of body styles with two-door sedan, a four-door sedan and later a five-door station wagon

The "510" enjoys considerable fame in the USA. The 510 Bluebird line was also imported into New Zealand as a single 1.6-litre, four-speed manual Deluxe model, assembled from CKD kits by Campbell Industries (later Toyota New Zealand Thames assembly plant). Local content included glass, radiator, upholstery, carpet, paint, wiring and numerous other items.

A few automatic and twin carburettor SSS versions were imported built-up from Japan, primarily for buyers who had access to funds overseas and could utilise the country's 'no remittance' new car purchase scheme to avoid lengthy waiting lists.

An automatic gearbox model was also available for the deluxe range. The factory also made two versions of the 2 door coupe. They were a 1600GL and a 1800GL. The 1600GL had a single carb or twin carbs and 1800 cc cars had twin carbs The 1600sss were also used in motorsport as test cars for Nissan Japan. The cars were used in numerous motorsport rallies by Ewold van Bergen from Pretoria, South Africa, who was a test engineer for Nissan Japan.

Now, let's review this miniature car;

First the packaging;

And now, out of the packaging;

This seems to be a racing or rally car, I don't know, but they include some decent decals on it;

Overall, this seems to be a nice replica of the Nissan Datsun Bluebird. If you not fussy, then I guess everything is fine on this particular car but I'm a little fussy and thus I'm gonna do a little bit of customization on this one....

But first, let's have a look at the interior;

I will remove that bar thingy as I'm wanna make this car like a normal road version and still with some decals on the body ^__^

The next thing I did is changing the steering wheel from left to right.... this is Japanese car after all ^__^

Just cut it and then use those Tamiya plastic cement or super glue and stick it on the right, simple as that;

After that, I painted the whole interior with black color;

And done with the interior work.... next the body work.....

I do love the default red color of this car but after I watched that music video of Secret for their song "Love is Move" from their latest album, I noticed that the blue and black combination is quite gorgeous and thus I decided to dedicate this Nissan Datsun Bluebird to that fantastic music video of Secret - Love is Move.

Secret is "Shewsbury Land Band of The Year 2011" so I think it would be nice to dedicate this car to them ^__^

You can see their music video below;

They are gorgeous!!!!! I love those legs.... never failed to give me erection when ever I watched it LOL.....

Apart from that, the model name of this car is "Datsun Bluebird" after all, so why not, let's give it a black and blue treatment....

And within just 3 hours, I completed everything, it is quite fast for my standard....

This is now the result, this car now is know as "The Blue Shark of Akina Speed Stars - A tribute to Secret Love is Move" - LOL quite long for a name right ^__^

After looking at the final result... I kind of like it even more than the original color scheme. AT least now I can say that this car is perfectly customized in accordance to my personal taste. Now it's time to take the car out for some test drive and we will beat those Toyota Vios and Toyota Corolla easily LOL



  1. this is indeed a rarity as you mentioned, i have not seen not even 1 here and it reminds me some models by Fiat... even the wheels design is not usual !!!... those new decals you added are something new for me as well, i guess i have not visited a hobby store since a long time ago... oh!!! and those girls rocks!!! i mean, pops!!!

  2. Happy Chinese Year. Wishing you prosperity and good health. Just like a dragon soaring in the heavenly sky.


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