Hot Wheels - GMC Motorhome

In response to the emergence of many ganbangers group around America, GM introduced this pikey's (gypsies) friendly vehicle LOL called the Motorhome LOL....

"Motorhome" is a type of self-propelled "recreational vehicle" or RV which offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. The term "motorhome" is most commonly used in the UK, United States, and Canada.

Usually "Motorhome" comprises sleeping accommodation for between 2 and 8 people. Each sleeping place is called a berth. Each berth is either fixed or converts from another part of the motorhome's interior.

A kitchenette area will contain cooking equipment. The type of equipment included differs depending on the motorhome make and model, but generally a kitchenette has an oven, grill, hob and sink. More luxury models may also provide a microwave. A separate washroom will be housed in the motorhome. Each washroom will have a flushing cassette toilet, shower and basin. The cassette toilet sometimes swivels to provide extra room and can be accessed from outside the motorhome for easy emptying. More recent motorhomes will have a separate shower cubicle.

A motorhome will also have a cab area with a driver and passenger seat. These seats often swivel to become part of the living space. A dinette area provides a table and seating space typically used for eating meals. A lounge may also be included, consisting of either a u-shaped sofa located in the rear of the motorhome or a side lounge.

More importantly, if you are one of those gangbangers like Evaritus Lau - LOL - this car is ideal to perform group sex ceremony (also known as orgy) while keep moving on the road - just make sure that the driver can focus on the road and traffic while waiting for his turn LOL....

Let's have a look at this model, first the packaging;

And now, out of the packaging;

Feature wise, apart from those "fire" decals and glossy painting scheme, I think the only other external features we could mention is the 3 tires each on both side LOL...

Now, let's have a look at the interior... we need to use those soldering iron;

And this is it;

Looks quite roomy but the white color scheme make it difficult to analyze;

I'm quite happy with this Motorhome, we don't have this vehicle in South East Asia - or so I think, but if I have the chance to own it, I would love to have this Motorhome - you can go to the beach, do some barbeque and picnic stuff and have some sort of comfort that is almost like home or you can just hang out till late night in the middle of the big city and sleep in the vehicle - maybe have sex as well... LOL...

Gangbanging or orgy is now much easier and mobile thanks to this GMC Motorhome LOL...

And eventually I decided to customized this Motorhome as I dislike those "fire" decals.... but first we will look at the painted interior;

With this "pinkies" color scheme and a little black and grey, it is much easier to observe the interior details.

And this is now the body color... nothing fancy, just a simple old school blue - a low profile color sheme and thus you can continue doing the sex orgy inside without grabbing unwanted attention from outside LOL



  1. i already have this Motorhome but the color scheme, decoration and wheels design is different... i find it a pretty nice as a multipurpose vehicle !!!... i don’t know what you have against the flames when they look so good, i mean, i consider you a Muscle Car lover and well, most of the Muscle Cars and Hot Rods look better with flames !!! but it’s just a thought... anyway, it’s curious that two people so different and so far away, can have similar tastes in collection matters =)


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