Tomica - Subaru Samber Noodle Truck

This is a 1/55 scale die cast plus plastic model car of "Subaru Samber Noodle Truck" from Takara Tomy.

Out of fun... I just love to mentioned Subaru as Surabu... LOL...

I personally believed that this truck is quite unique and gorgeous and thus I grabbed it the moment I saw it...

The box;

Out of the box;

And now finally out of the box and plastic wrapper.... the real deal;

A close up look at the detailing of this truck;

Not sure if it's Teddy Bear or maybe most likely a pig on that door but I think it's really gorgeous!!!

The main gimmick on this truck is this openable thingy at the back;

And now it's ready to become a (noodle) ramen, udon or soba truck... or even kon lo men.... hahahaha

Not sure what is it written there.... probably the list of the menu or drinks ^__^

That's how the front interior looks like;

Once business is done, you can close the shop!!! and ready to move on to other locations or just go home for re-supply....

This is one unique truck and in fact when you look at it and open up your mind, this can be a very good business idea... especially foods related business but maybe also for selling of other stuff like condoms LOL... eventually this is also depending on your country rules and regulation for such "mobile business"....

As a toy, I think this is a gorgeous truck and worthy to be part of Shewsbury Land collections.



  1. when i was a kid, i didn’t mind about detail in a scale diecast but now i’m very picky... i know there is a big amount of Tomica fans around the world that love the vintage stile in the casting but it couldn’t fit my taste... however, there is a funny factor in this little truck that makes it interesting and the color selection is brilliant... =)


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