Pro-Hobby - Mercer 1912

For this week, let's focus back to the car models from Japan or maybe stuff from Japan ^__^ and we will start with this Pro-Hobby Mercer 1912 which is not a car model from Japanese auto maker surely but this particular item was hand made in Japan ^__^

Pro-Hobby identify this item as "Nitro Gallery Special Selection N-Gauge Maniac MTSS-5030-SS Mercer 1912"

As I mentioned earlier, this item is handmade in Japan.... awesome!!!!!

The price as you can see from the above is 1,200 yen (about SGD 20.10 / USD 15.40) before adding shipment charges and certainly this item you will only buy if you happen to buy something else bigger so they can just share the shipment.

Eventually when I bought this item, it was available at 60% discount plus I was ordering other stuff as well so it's kind of OK...

So let's have a look at this Mercer now.... this item is so tiny and it's quite challenging to take a decent picture of it and I have to take out our Raynox MSN-202 Macro Lens to get a decent magnification of the subject;

Wanna know how small this is? Look at the picture below;

And now we try our best to get some close up and focus more on the detailing of this car:

In fact when you have a closer look like this... you can see all the hidden ugliness that you can't really see normally.... they're not perfectly smooth but then again, what do you expect, this is extremely tiny... I could give a far more worst result than this....

And that's about it... this is one hell of a classic car at extreme miniature size....

Overall, this tiny car is a unique item for you car collection (if you like cars that is). It's not really perfect when you really look them closely but on normal eye level view, it's quite OK. This is not a toy you will play around with but rather just a unique display item for your cars collection....



  1. I still like toys that's made in Japan for the assurance and what's more, this us hand-made. Great workmanship for something alike micromachine.


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