Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day 2011

David John Shewsbury and Shewsbury Land wishes you Merry Roly-Poly Christmas and Happy Roly-Poly Boxing Day 2011... life is fun with lots of Roly-Poly...

May the love and charity spirits of Christmas stays in your heart...

All staff of Shewsbury Land are away for Christmas Holiday and we hope you have a wonderful time where ever you...

There will be minimal or less updates this week but rest assured that business will be back as usual by early January 2012...

See you soon...


  1. Merry Christmas bro! Hope the best for you in the coming new year!

  2. Merry Christmas!! and a very Happy New Year!!!

  3. Merry Chrsitmas and Happy New Year David, Family and Staff :)

  4. Merry Chrisman, i mean Christmas and Happy Flappy New Chris... errrr Year... i should do this more often LOL, LOL, LOL... i hope you will take a good rest as i will do... see you next year pal =)


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