Christmas Tree 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting our Christmas Tree for 2011....

This year the theme is unity and harmony.... thus unlike last year where Kamen Rider dominates the whole tree and this time around almost everybody will get a slice of the cake ^__^

Christmas tree actually has nothing to do with Christianity. In fact Christmas tree is never mentioned anywhere in the bible or any of the Christian teaching at all. I remember read some articles somewhere many years ago that in fact, at some time, the Christian church banned the Christmas tree as they said it is some sort of pagan custom thingy.... but then many years later, after several modification on the theme, they then said OK to this Christmas tree... something like that.

I think Christmas tree is just one of those fun decorations people love to do (especially in this modern era) during around December leading to Christmas day. Simple as that. Nothing religious what so ever about it. It's all about the fun decorating it, put some lovely stuff and then take photos, upload to Facebook and so on.... typical just for fun sake.

Thus I believe that in fact everybody can set up their Christmas tree for fun sake!!! it doesn't make you a Christian at all although it is common that usually the Christians who celebrated Christmas will set up their Christmas tree prior to Christmas holidays. In fact, sometime they spent too much time, money and effort on it trying to be the best of the best till they forgot about the real meaning of Christmas - and some forgot about going to church as well LOL.... the excuse is; too tired decorating the Christmas tree hahahahaha.... well, that Christmas tree wont get you near heaven in fact ^__^

Business organizations like shops, supermarket, departmental store, malls - they all love to set up the Christmas tree as an attraction so that they can get more people to come and shopping in their business premises hahahaha...

In fact the local Toyota dealer in here always spent lots of money to make Christmas decorations outside their main show room and usually many local and foreigners will go there for photo sessions - slowly it becomes as some sort of unofficial "must do thing" for people in here LOL...

Christmas is all about sharing and giving to the love one, family, friends and also to the needy. The time to be generous and the time to give thanks to God for the gift of life that we had and reaching out to those who are less fortunate. Christmas is love and more importantly to some other people, Christmas is public holiday!!!!! hahahaha....


According to Wikipedia;

Christmas tree is a decorated evergreen coniferous tree, real or artificial, and a tradition associated with the celebration of Christmas. The Christmas tree is traditionally brought into the home and decorated with Christmas lights (originally candles), ornaments, garlands, tinsel, and candy canes during the days around Christmas. An angel or star is placed at the top of the tree, representing the host of angels or the Star of Bethlehem from the Nativity. The tradition of decorating an evergreen tree at Christmas is claimed to have started Livonia and in Germany in the 16th century.

The Christmas tree is sometimes called a Yule tree, particularly by those who wish to avoid Christian connections, but others explicitly distinguish between the two or identify the Yule tree with an undecorated evergreen tree

The custom of erecting a Christmas tree can be historically traced to 15th century Livonia (present-day Estonia and Latvia) and 16th century Northern Germany. According to the first documented uses of a Christmas tree in Estonia, in 1441, 1442, and 1514, the Brotherhood of Blackheads erected a tree for the holidays in their brotherhood house in Reval (now Tallinn).

The modern Christmas tree originated in western Germany. The main prop of a popular medieval play about Adam and Eve was a fir tree hung with apples (paradise tree) representing the Garden of Eden.


In Shewsbury Land, the toys and figures are a community from several different different ethnic background and culture but somehow they managed to blend in very well under the guidance of David John Shewsbury LOL.....

Nonetheless.... every year, almost everybody wants to be on the Christmas Tree but as always only a few will be selected...

And for this year... these are all who were selected to represents their respective communities;

Kamen Rider Ryuki.... not sure why he is there.... just as an extra I guess...

Optimus Prime here represents the Transformers series and also the Revoltech and indirectly Hasbro...

OO Gundam representing the Gundam Universe and Robot Tamashii communities. Kamen Rider Fourze represents the Kamen Riders. Ultimately, both of them also represent Bandai. That Terminator T-800 represents the American movie, cartoon and figure series and especially Neca Toys. C3PO represents the Star Wars Universe and also my clumsiness LOL. Ultraman Mebius also represents Bandai for the Ultraman Universe as well as those S.H. Figuarts and the Ultra Act series.

The brown teddy bear in the middle represents the GunPla communities, Gundam Universe, Bandai and Zeon. The 2 ladies, Haruhi and Mikuru represents the Max Factory, Good Smile Company, the Figma communities and of course the Otaku ^__^

Arnie the Governor represents the State of California LOL.... actually he also epresents the American movie, cartoon and figure series and especially Neca Toys but ultimately the popular "Terminator" movie franchise.

R2D2 represents George Lucas and the Star Wars Universe. Tachikoma represents Mega House Corporation and also the popular "Appleseed" series.

Last but not least, the cars, they represents the "Maisto" and "Hot Wheels" community as well as the current regular activities in Shewsbury Land ^__^

And that's about it... enjoy the rest...........

Oh yeah... we forgot to mentioned about that pervert guy "Woody" from the "Toy Story", not only he represents Walt Disney and Pixar and the modern Revoltech, but ultimately he is the symbol of the "Japanese Adult Video" community in Shewsbury Land LOL..... absolute genius for a pervert....



  1. Merry Christmas Santa John :D LOL

    More unique than I expect I was imagining a tree full of die-cast cars as ornament before click this post :D

  2. Wow! Look @ those toys on the Christmas tree! Splendid! Hey the snowy effect on the photos set the festive mood. Ha! Ha! Woody is having at good time!


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