1970 Chevrolet Nova Shewsbury Custom (The Emperor)

From the moment when I first watch the music video of "Going Crazy" by Song Ji Eun (member and lead singer of the popular K-Pop band "Secret") featuring Bang Yong Kuk doing the "rap" part of the songs, not only I'm captivated by the song melody and the lyrics but also the Chevy Nova!!!!!

You can see the video clip from YouTube below;

Note: I don no claim any credits or rights on this music video and the screen shot images from this video shown in this article. They are used for reference purpose only. All credits and rights belong to the artist and all the respective and relevant copyrights owner.

The beautiful and talented Song Ji Eun (the singer);

The black Chevy Nova!!!!!

Bang Yong Kuk;

And the mesmerizing Min Hyo-rin, popular South Korean actress as the main character in the video.....

The song is about an obsessed lover who did a little too much including stalking his/her lover and eventually this makes the lover "crazy" and he/she wanted to end that craziness... something like that...

If you interested to watch the music video with English subs, here it is;

Anyway, for now, we will focus on this "Shewsbury Custom" Chevrolet Nova Coupe SS from the year of 1970 and the nick name for this car is now "The Emperor"....

This Nova that we have is not really the same as the one appear on the above music video but at least they are from the same model line up.... the evolution of it... I do hope and wish that I could get the exact same model at 1/64 scale from Maisto Custom Shop series next time.... but not yet for now.... sigh....

And after several hours of works, this is the result;

Apart from the body, for the first time ever since I started customizing die cast car model from Maisto at 1/64 scale, I also change the wheels color.

As you can see from the picture below, the wheels color are a combination of chrome and black;

And now I made them all black;

Other than that, I just put a little bit of decals from my previous abandoned projects (1/24 scale plastic model car from Fujimi);

And that's about it. No changes what so ever on the interior. You can see the photos from the earlier review of this car from the link below;


As far as customization goes, all these stuff, I just did it for my own satisfaction and something to pass time. The end result might not be interesting to others but at the end of the day it is for me and as long as I'm happy with it, I guess nothing else matter. People have different opinion and taste and preferences on any particular item and so be it. In a way, this is a tribute to "Song Ji Eun" for her wonderful talent and this song in particular, I think she will be happy to ride this car with me LOL.....

We love the end result and we are happy to have "The Emperor" in black ^__^ and now it's time to hunt for some other interesting classic cars....



  1. hi there David, i’m here paying you a visit and i’m glad... i’m not in the diecast customization but i will make my attemp with gunplas soon... as you, i’m an avid lover of the muscle cars and oldies, both in their original and custom versions and i find them absolutely beautiful... this Chevy Nova look nice in black and i noticed you put a Principality of Zeon decal on the hood =)


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