Tomica - Coca-Cola Route Truck

This is a nice miniature unit of Coca-Cola Route Truck from Takara Tomy.

The box;

Out of the box;

And out of the plastic;

The finishing is quite good for this scale and the available details are also decent. This model does not promise you fantastic gimmick and you can't drink it like a real Coke but rather this is just a plain simple and gorgeous tiny little truck with no sexual hormone attached LOL...

Overall, if you like Coke/Coca-Cola brand and if you are one of those collectors of Coke/Coca-Cola merchandise, you will surely would want to get this one. If would be more gorgeous if you get both the Event Car and this Route Truck together and put it side by side near a can of Coke..... something like this;

Gorgeous isn't it?



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