Morris Mini Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie

Yesterday we were looking at the "Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie" and today we will look at this "Morris Mini Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie".

Now first and foremost, let's have a look at the "original form" of this Morris Mini;

And finally now, this is it - the customized version;


In the previous review of "Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie" we show many pictures about the customized packaging, basically this Morris Mini got the same packaging design and the only differences is the car picture and name.

You can visit the above link if you want to see more about the packaging.

Nonetheless for now, let's go straight and see this car... first the interior;

Unlike the Mini Cooper (and many other Hot Wheels cars in common), we can still do some additional color customization on the driver seat for this Morris Mini coz they are not molded together with the rest of the interior parts;

And now, we will see the exterior of the car;

On the door you can see 4 brand names there;

- Shewsbury Land, that is us, a toy and hobby blog and other wonderful stuff in life like no other because nonsense and those "sex" words are is normal in here and no big deals at all. We don't bother to give a fuck to be like any other blog and website where they tried to be "under 18 friendly" in the hope to get more kids and "decent readers" to see their site. In here, all above 18 sinners and any kids who can handle the pressure are welcome!!! LOL...

- Panasonic, a tribute to our favorite camera manufacturer, we use to have Panasonic Lumix LZ7, Panasonic Lumix FZ28, Panasonic Lumix LX3 and now Panasonic Lumix G1.... Panasonic, ideas for life ^__^

- Google, a tribute to our big brother Google, the powerful search engine expert, the owner of Blogger, G-Mail, Android and many other wonderful stuff from Google (who else if it's not Google?)

- Blogger, a tribute to Blogger of course, the host of Shewsbury Land, there is no Shewsbury Land if there is no Blogger in the first place, needless to say much about it.

A little close up on some of the excellent exterior details and finishing by Tagashie;

And today we will talk a little bit about the designer, our good friend "Mr.Tagashie Wong". This guy is a talented local graphic designer who have been collecting toys longer than Shewsbury Land and he collects all kind of toys from condom to sex vibrators... ooppss... I mean from die cast cars, scale model cars,premium action figures, mecha and even Gundam and GunPla. You name it, he might have it. If you ever visited his house, it's like visiting a toy collectors museum. He certainly have a lot and still looking for more slowly but steady.

Tagashie Wong used to work in the local TV station (Shewsbury Channel 3 Network) but after several years he get bored and move on to publishing industry and now he work in one of the local newspaper company (Shewsbury Northern Star Publishing) doing stuff related to newspaper and all that.

Just like any other typical man in Shewsbury Land, Tagashie love to eat instant noodles (primarily the brand of Maggi and Indo Mie), he love women and sex - lots of sex ^__^, quite good looking and a nice person to talk with though he actually a little shy sometime ^__^

Several months ago, Tagashie started this "Tagashie Custom" project thingy, doing customization for his personal Hot Wheels cars collection and slowly from there a few friend saw his great works and love it and eventually asking him to do the same for them and from there onwards things accelerate from good to better and so on.

"Tagashie Custom" can help you to do the customization of your miniature toy cars from Hot Wheels or Maisto or any other brand at 1/64 or around 3 inches long. They provide 2 packaging options in accordance to your budget and preferences and the material quality is excellent.

If you want to have your own customization for your own collection or maybe you want to give it as a present for your love one, friends, family or what ever, "Tagashie Custom" can help you with it.

Shewsbury Land will collaborate with "Tagashie Custom" to create a their own "online blog shop" thingy thru the Blogger platform blog and some initial works are in progress now, hopefully we can announce this pretty soon. Although now they are only active for in the local market, pretty soon, once this "online blog shop" thingy is up and running, they will take order for customers from around Asian Region as well.

For the time being, you can always contact this "Tagashie" thru the following;


Overall, I love this Morris Mini even more now and since I have a customized packaging under Shewsbury Land name, that make it more special than any other ^__^

After this review, the car shall go back to the packaging and will be glued and seal forever inside there....

Thank you very much to "Tagashie Wong", this is certainly a job well done and everybody in Shewsbury Land are so happy and proud with this.....



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