Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie

The long wait is finally over... this is the first of it's kind (well, at least in Shewsbury Land), a 1/64 scale model toy car and it's packaging specially design and customized for Shewsbury Land thanks to the excellent work by our talented graphic designer and toy collector friend Mr. Tagashie.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our "Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie"....

But first and foremost, let's have a look at the original form of this car;

Yeah... and now this is it - "Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie";

Eventually, you can choose 2 type of packaging from "Tagashie Custom", the so called "Premium Package" or the "Standard Package"

For this particular project, we requested for the "Premium Package" and that means basically you will get an extra plastic contena or some sort to further protect your your item. See the picture below;

Even with this "Premium Package" you can still take out the main item inside... something like this;

So in a way, the "Premium Package" give you extra protection from dust and dirt and sperm LOL....

And this is the so called "Standard Package" - basically it is something like what you get when you bought those Hot Wheels cars;

No doubt that you can save a little bit of money if you choose the "Standard Package" - nothing wrong with that, it's all about your personal preference and budget.

So this is now the item with the "Standard Package" - out of the protective "Premium Package" ^__^

A little bit of close up look on the design and details on the packaging;

This is the logo of "Tagashie Custom":

OK, first I want to show you the interior of the car.... apparently no changes what so ever inside here so this is basically the original look;

And now finally.... the car.... this is it;

On the door you can see 4 brand names there;

- Shewsbury Land, that is us, a toy and hobby blog and other wonderful stuff in life like no other because nonsense and those "sex" words are is normal in here and no big deals at all. We don't bother to give a fuck to be like any other blog and website where they tried to be "under 18 friendly" in the hope to get more kids and "decent readers" to see their site. In here, all above 18 sinners and any kids who can handle the pressure are welcome!!! LOL...

- Panasonic, a tribute to our favorite camera manufacturer, we use to have Panasonic Lumix LZ7, Panasonic Lumix FZ28, Panasonic Lumix LX3 and now Panasonic Lumix G1.... Panasonic, ideas for life ^__^

- Google, a tribute to our big brother Google, the powerful search engine expert, the owner of Blogger, G-Mail, Android and many other wonderful stuff from Google (who else if it's not Google?)

- Blogger, a tribute to Blogger of course, the host of Shewsbury Land, there is no Shewsbury Land if there is no Blogger in the first place, needless to say much about it.

I certainly love those decals....

The minor details on the front part are quite astonishing... something that I cannot achieve if I were to customized this car on my own.

Overall, we love this very much simple as that. It's not often we can get something like this. Well, maybe if you are quite talented and skillful and have all the time and tools to do it then maybe it's different but then again not many people have it all... right? Plus, it's good to just pay the money and wait patiently without doing anything and then for all you know the item is ready for you ^__^ Save you all the time and hardship of doing it....

"Tagashie Custom" can help you to do the customization of your miniature toy cars from Hot Wheels or Maisto or any other brand at 1/64 or around 3 inches long. They provide 2 packaging options in accordance to your budget and preferences and the material quality is excellent.

If you want to have your own customization for your own collection or maybe you want to give it as a present for your love one, friends, family or what ever, "Tagashie Custom" can help you with it.

Shewsbury Land will collaborate with "Tagashie Custom" to create a their own "online blog shop" thingy thru the Blogger platform blog and some initial works are in progress now, hopefully we can announce this pretty soon. Although now they are only active for in the local market, pretty soon, once this "online blog shop" thingy is up and running, they will take order for customers from around Asian Region as well.

For the time being, you can always contact this "Tagashie" thru the following;




  1. Lots of details and the nice fine decals... You sure protect your collection well with plastic contena,


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