Maisto G Ridez - '86 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

This is "Maisto G-Ridez '86 Chevy Monte Carlo SS" a 1/64 scale die cast car model produced by Maisto.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

I like that card thingy that they gave inside the packaging... kind of cool, you can make it as some sort card collections if you happen to have many cars from this series produced by Maisto.

Let's have a look on the car;

Nice Chevrolet name marking there;

Nice wheels and the "SS" marking on the side is kind of cute;

Not much details or marking on the rear side;

Typical "Maisto custom cars" - they all use rubber tires;

And the standard on this series, Maisto just use screw driver so we can open up and see the interior or do further customization easily;

We just need the usual Philips screw driver;

And this is the interior;

I personally like the black and purple color scheme combo.... I think I don't want to do any further customization on this interior....

And in case if you plan to do some additional painting works or full customization project, you can easily remove all the non-metal parts from the body of this car easily.

See, with this now.... if you want to do painting works, just soak this car into thinner and you can then start with the rest of your project;

Overall, this is another simple but brilliant die cast car models from Maisto. I personally like the purple body color as well as the black and purple color combo for the interior. This particular car I might not do any further customization on it, I think it's quite gorgeous as it is. There are of coz some minor finishing inconsistency here and there which is normal for such a small item, but then again, they're too minor and I can forgive it.



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