Maisto Custom Shop - Volskwagen Van Samba

This is a 1/64 scale die cast car model of Volkswagen Van Samba from Maisto.

I believe that Volkswagen Van Samba (also known as Volkswagen Type 2) is one of the gorgeous creatures in the history of automobile industry. I wish I could owned this van, it so fun that you can have group orgy sex in it comfortably without destroying the suspension system at all LOL

To celebrate this wonderful creation, Maisto released this vehicle under their "Custom Shop" die cast collection series and today we will review this item.

The packaging;

And now out of the packaging;

Yeah... obviously this is some sort of police van of some European country, probably Italian, I'm not really sure but surely it is for police use ^__^

The features of this Samba, apart from the 2 blue lights as you can see on the above picture is this gorgeous old school wheels;

And something that surprised me... "engine" gimmick... I never even knew or thought about this when I bought this Samba... when I first saw it, I say wow, it's Samba, let's grab it....

Nothing spectacular but I think it is still a fantastic gimmick for a 1/64 scale model vehicle.

Underneath the body;

Thanks to the brilliant Maisto idea of using normal screw, we can easily open up this Samba;

Thus, we can enjoy the view of the interior;

The interior looks awesome, I don't think I want to do any further modification on it;

Considering that this is for police use.... what a bitch!!! what kind of police van have big flat screen tv in their van LOL? you could use that to view Blu-Ray movie or play PS3 games LOL

And as a tradition of all "Maisto Custom Shop" vehicles, they come with great sound system components like this;

Brilliant, extremely brilliant interior detailing....

Overall, this is a wonderful memorabilia of the common and popular Volkswagen Van Samba a.k.a. Volkswagen Type 2. As a big fan of this van, I'm grateful that Maisto provide this item with great customization works, I don't fancy the "police theme" though but at the moment this is the only Samba available at this scale and price so I guess no choice for me, just take it. I also dislike the white and green color scheme, looks so Catholic ^__^ but then again this color thingy is all about personal taste and your individual libido LOL...

Eventually we will surely customize this Samba... check out Shewsbury Land again tomorrow to see the final result ^___^

Wanna dance? let's Samba... Wanna orgy? come inside the Samba.... LOL



  1. I'm not sure if you're active but the tv is because the tooling was used before in maisto custom shop


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