Hot Wheels Bread Box

This is an awesomely gorgeous Bread Box from Hot Wheels.

I don't know what is the actual brand or which manufacturer produce this cutey - if it's really ever produced that it - but what matter most is this vehicle is fantastically gorgeous, a must get for red color fans like me.... LOL

The packaging;

Out of that packaging;

Fucking prick!!!! LOL.... I was so captivated by this tiny red square thing and I overlooked about the crack on that windscreen there;

I only realized about it once I took it out from the packaging..... over excitement can be costly sometime LOL.... Oh well, as much as I love perfection, this red Bread Box is all about fun, so I guess let it be and just enjoy it as it is....

HWPS.... I guess they meant it for Hot Wheels Parcel Services or Hot Wheels Postal Services though I think it's not so wrong either if you want it to be "Herman Wong Prostitution Services" LOL

I love the fact that we can see the interior easily, thanks to that clear roof....

Come to think of it.... if you happen to be the driver of this car... it can be quite hot there on the driving seat.... the engine is just next to you LOL....

And oh... not so common in Hot Wheels though it's not impossible either, this Bread Box comes with right hand steering wheel system (British/Japanese style)

Overall, this is not a glamorous sports car or speed machine classic but this "Bread Box" is all about fun. It looks so cute, or rather, the more strategic words for that is gorgeous!!! This may not be a favorite for many Hot Wheels collectors and fans alike but surely we in Shewsbury Land love this "Bread Box" so much!!!!



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