Fun at the beach

Went to the beach recently, it's been quiet a while in fact since the last time we visit any beach and I took some random pictures and share here with you. Most of this pictures have been edited using the free Photoscape.

She wonder if it's gonna rain later ^___^

A couple of love bird seems to having fun at the beach ^__^

Playing kites on the beach... this is epic!!!!

She knew I want her to stay still.....

And the other usual stuff we will see on the beach;

People really love to see camera ^__^



  1. hvn ply any kite for more than 10yrs! Let's play John~

  2. LOL Queenie, even though I grew up around the fantastic classic years of 80's and 90's, I actually never touch the kite my self, I don't know how to make them, let alone playing with it and make it fly >__< I would love to try if you can teach me ^__^

  3. OMG? serious JOHN?! i was gd at it =P hahaha.. well, let see!!! would love to play one!


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