Fun at the beach V2

Recently we went to the beach again for the 2nd Shewsburians Picnic 2011, seems to be the last picnic of the year for most of us as after this we will be busy with school holidays, works and of coz Christmas and the year end.

With the help of Photoscape I made the above photo to be like this;

And the same for this one;

This is Toto, from the Toyotomi Hideyoshi clan and thus the short name is Toto LOL. I am from Maeda Toshie clan and our ancestors use to fight together under Lord Nobunaga several thousand years ago ^__^ LOL

This "Toto" or also known locally in Shewsbury Land as "Pengiran Khamis bin Ahad - Panglima Ular Bermata Hitam - Orang Kaya di Jerudong" LOL is well known as the Chairman and Chief Executive of Brunei Toy Collectors Club (BTC). I prefer to call him as "Toto the heart breaker" LOL...

He have lots of figure and toys collections from Gundam universe, Transformers and several other type of toys... quite rich huh? He is quite strong with some solid and though body and a little 6 pack on the tummy, many ladies tend to like him at first sight ^__^ especially ladies over 40's LOL....

Oh, another thing we like about him apart from being nice is that he love to eat "Maggi" (some sort of instant noodles, very popular brand in here) and he use Canon ^__^

Panasonic, Canon, Olympus and Fujifilm are the good friend of Shewsbury Land ^__^

When I saw him on the beach, he was busy taking photos of any couples walking around the beach... something like this;

I guess most of his photos are something like this;

Keroro joined us as well on this beautiful day on the beach;

And I saw a bunch of boys playing around with the sand.... I think they were building sand castle...

With a little bit of creativity and crazy ideas.... they managed to create some sort of scenes for their toys photography.... these people are quite brilliant...

I saw another toy photographer doing things they love the most - toy photography LOL;

This lady, she use Panasonic GF2 that comes with those touch screen thingy - a very fun camera to use ^__^

Look at this guy concentrating doing what ever he is doing;

This is before "Toto the heart breaker" step on this heart and destroy the shape ^__^

It was fun, the weather is perfect though it's kind of hot on this beach but I think we have no complain on it. Look forward to do this again next year maybe?



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