1960 Ford Starliner Shewsbury Custom

This is now the "customized" 1960 Ford Starliner and now known as "1960 Ford Starliner Shewsbury Custom" ^__^

As usual we will start with the interior first. I love the cute original interior color scheme;

But somehow... I think I would love it even more to be like this;

Just color changes and that's about it...

And as for the car body... I love this "sea blue" color, it reminded me of the wonderful hot summer day where the sun is bright and the clouds are blue and the sea looks calm with the same blue color tone.....

I'm not a professional nor an expert when it comes to spray painting but I guess at my own level, I can't demand much, the finishing may not be perfect or astonishing but I think that's the best I could get out of me and I'm proud of it....

The blue color looks cool and kind of "old school" as well, I like it a lot. I think I will use this color for a few more Maisto cars in the future... as much as I love red, I think this blue is not bad at all.



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