Tomica - Coca Cola Event Car

This is a Coca Cola Event Car from Takara Tomy. We didn't really plan to grab this item but while we were looking for the Takara Tomy Mini Cooper, we suddenly saw this item and since Coca Cola is the favorite drink of Shewsbury Land, it's crazy for us not to get this as well. How could you miss that familiar red and white color ^__^

We were surprised to suddenly found this item... this is gorgeous, I don't know much about products from Takara Tomy and certainly I never expected that such thing exist from them.

The box;

Out of the box and still wrapped with plastic;

And now finally out of the box and out of that plastic wrapper;

This is magnificent!!!!

We can see the interior easily....

And look at the cute Coca Cola logo there.... fascinating!!!

The price for this item from the local Toy's R' Us store is only SGD 5.50 (about USD 4.40 / 335 yen) - that is an awesomely cheap price for such an exciting item.

I guess it would have been better if there is also logo a the back here;

Apart from the beautiful look, this tiny item offer some brilliant feature... which is this;

Yes, we can open up the rear part and make it like some sort of stages for drama and musical performance and maybe marketing speech or something like that... this is very cool!!!!

It's not often we can see tiny scale vehicle offering such cool features right....

Overall, this is a very exciting Coca Cola related merchandised item offered by Takara Tomy. I knew that there are plentiful of Coca Cola merchandise items out there and usually most of them are quite popular and some of them have extremely great collector values especially in the USA. This item offer you stunningly gorgeous look and cool features. A must for Coca Cola fan and a must for Shewsbury Land!!!



  1. Cola :D

    unfortunately it's too small really wish you can make figures dance in that stage ^^


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