Customizing Mini Cooper S Clubman

LOL... despite the title, don't expect anything great. This is one of those things that I like to do for fuck sake LOL... I mean for fun sake. I call them "2 dollar project" - in Japanese, the original words are "simple and fun because life without sex is difficult" LOL ^___^

If you want to see the review of this toy car, go to the link below;

So this time around, I basically want to move the steering wheel from left to the right. IN other words, from the original American style (or left hand steering version) to the British style (right hand steering version). Apart from that I also do some minor painting works on the roof top to make it look less "bitchy" - I mean "plasticky" LOL

So I open up the car and start doing what I should do;

First, cut the steering wheel;

And as you can see from the picture below, there is a hole there.... we need to cover that.

And in order to cover that hole, I just take out this runners left over from those plastic model kits of cars or Gundams...

Try to cut some small piece of part enough to cover the hole, and then glue them using Tamiya cement and after that we do some simple spray, I use black color and then top coat it.

And I glue the steering wheel onto the right side and that's about it... nothing high tech or super genius thinking needed.... in fact it is just a stupid simple idea... which is why we call this "2 dollar project" - nothing fancy, straight forward and simple.

The top looks a little too "plasticky"

So I do some simple spray painting work and a little top coat - that's about it... I think it looks better and more solid now;

Not much else to do... maybe you can go as far as repainting the whole car body if you want but I think this is enough for me....

And just like that, it's done, if you never see the original state of this car, you might not believe that I do the "customization" LOL. Anyway, this kind of thing is more like a fulfilling your own personal taste and preferences, other people might not bother at all about it.

If you like it, you also can try do your own "2 dollar project" - anything that is fun for you, go ahead and do it for fun sake. Good luck.



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