1/27 ASC MA-010 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 from Kyosho

This is a 1/27 scale of Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 with aero kit in hot and bold color scheme (red and black) from Kyosho for their remote control car series.

I don't really fancy remote control cars but I just grabbed this for the sake of getting a nicely finished Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 with aero kit.

The original retail price is 3,800 yen (about SGD 63.00 / USD 51.00 before adding shipment charges) but I managed to get this from one of the local hobby shop for only SGD 65.00

Interestingly, as it says on the sticker there... "Fine Hand Polish" - that means they did a great "hand-job" on this one LOL.... no pun intended....

It's never out tradition to leave it untouched.... let's take it out of that clear protective display case and look closely;

That's how it looks like down there;

Since this is for those remote control thingy, there is no such thing as interior details, it's plain blank and empty in there, nothing to see...

But you can always enjoy the exterior details which is quite exquisite and fascinating....

The popular "Watanabe all black wheels"

The marking and labels are all accurate;

You can choose to display with the head lamps hidden or shown, you need to do some part swapping on this one, it can be tricky and pain in the arse..... well, maybe not really that difficult but for me, I think it's kind of sucks....

Nothing to see on the interior....

I don't like this hole here.... but then again, this is supposedly for those remote control thingy and this is where the antenna should be out;

So I have this idea, to cover the whole... I think it would be OK to use this stickers;

And after some amount of time... this is the final result;

Hole covered;

And for fun sake I also put some sticker on the protective display case;

Overall, this is a nicely finished plastic model of Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 in red and black color scheme with aerodynamic body kit package produced by Kyosho, no doubt about it. They really did a fantastic job on the painting and finishing. The display case is an added bonus.

However, I would like to highlight here that as it is, the whole car body feels so light, kind of fragile, it is not as solid as it looks, so you do have to handle it with care...



  1. Hey I used to play this several years ago and the body is actually quite strong and can withstand car crashes at the expense of the paintjob. brings back memories...

  2. I so love the nice paint job and finishing... don't think I ever wanna play around with this car ^__^

  3. awesome got display case too *_*

    by the way where you got those stickers ?

  4. Aya - I got it from a local toy shop specializing on those 1/10 and 1/12 expensive Remote Control cars.

  5. the body work on this Kyosho is very appealing... the old and squared eastern compact cars have that "i don’t know what" that makes you love them or hate them and nothing in the middle... i can love them for sure... this model is very well made, but you still miss the interior details... is like a beautiful shell empty inside...


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