1/34 Toyota Celica from Kinsmart

This is just a regular 1/34 pull back action die cast toy car from Kinsmart, one of those toy manufacturer from China.

Eventually, many of the local toy shop sells this item and they offered plenty of models ranging from those Japanese brand like Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Mitsubishi, the European brand like Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volkswagen and the American brand like Ford, GM and many others that I over sighted or did not know or haven't seen.

However, it has to be noted that almost all of them are available with left hand steering wheel (American style) though once in a blue moon, if you are lucky, you can find some of those Japanese cars and also some Jaguar cars that comes with right hand steering wheel (British/Japanese style).

So far, I've seen only 4 Japanese cars that comes with right hand steering wheel (British/Japanese style) namely this Toyota Celica, Toyota MR2 (review coming soon), Nissan Skyline GT-R34 (review coming soon) and Honda Intergra. Maybe they are others or maybe soon there will be more but I haven't or did not see it yet.

Having said that, I do saw some Toyota and Nissan and Subaru that comes with left hand steering wheel (American style) and thus I skipped them.

The price of this items varies from as low as SGD 9.00 to SGD 12.00 (USD 7.00 to USD 9.50 / 540 yen to 720 yen)

Toyota Celica is one of those popular sports cars many years ago in the 80's and 90's when I was still a young boy ^__^

I personally dislike those color pattern on this model, I think if it's just all black would be better. It is not really ugly but I just don't fancy it... probably next time I might do some color modification on this car ^__^

External details on it's price level is quite good. We can't expect perfection at such price level. I have no complain what so ever and very happy with it.

You can open the door, which is nice....

And they did a decent job on the interior detailing as well. However, what you see now, the black and red color scheme on the interior is basically the end result of my "2 dollar project" on this car.

Before we see further on the interior, this is how it looks like below it... those silver thingy, I painted them using those Pilot Marker Pen.

Using the typical Philips screw driver, you can easily open up this car and see the interior....

This is how the original interior looks like;

I don't fancy those light blue color so I transformed them into this color scheme;

As I mentioned earlier, this is a "pull back action toy car" so eventually in order to hide the motor (or what ever you call that thing to enable the "pull back" thingy), the designer have this idea of covering it by using some "bags" or "baggage" sitting on the rear passenger seat.

So when ever you look into the interior, the rear part, you can use your imagination and assume that those bags are "important" stuff or maybe be the boot is full which is why the driver put it there.... LOL

Certain parts of the interior, I leave it as it is... so I use those masking tape to cover those parts that I want to keep in original shape.

Overall this is just regular "pull back action" die cast toy car with plastic and rubber materials on it. The exterior and interior details are quite good though with some creativity, maybe you can improvise further. As it is, I think it's good enough for the price and the buyers should be happy with what they can get on such price.

As for me, it's pretty hard to get a cheap Toyota Celica at this scale nowadays, so I think this is certainly a great value for money. This is surely only for those casual collectors. Hard core collectors might not interested with this at all and are better off with other premium item with premium price.



  1. Feel like going home n dig out all the rusty cars n re-decorate it..

  2. Queenie, you have old rusty cars? wow.. you can give them to me, I help you re-paint them and later you can put decals and bling bling to make it girlish ^__^ LOL

  3. Not mine... my bro's =P bling bling? SOUNDS GOOD!


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