Cosplay event at Charity Bazaar 2011

Shewsbury Land is pleased to help advertise the following event and hope those of you who have the time and spirit of charity can join this event to make it successful.

Event Name: Pusat Ehsan The 6th Charity Bazaar 2011

Date and Time : TimeSunday, October 2 · 9:00am - 6:00pm

Location : Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam, Simpang 66-38-60, Jalan Bengkurong, Kg Bengkurong, Brunei Darussalam

This event is a bazaar with lots of business, fun and social activities with the main aim of contributing to charity and the needy. There will be food stalls, game stalls, flying fox, face painting, horse riding, bouncers, cosplayers etc.

Visit the page below for further info:

So to all the local cosplayers, if you have the time and wish to make this event a success in the name of goodwill spirit and charity, go ahead and join this event, your attendance mean so much for the "disable people" (or rather we prefer to call them "special people")
. Well, since they are "special people", it's not that they can easily go out and witness other commercial hobby and creative events right?

Even if you can't afford to contribute any financial assistance, but your attendance itself is already a great support for them.

So let's give them a chance to have a piece of happiness thru your Cosplay hobbies.



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