1/43 Aizu Mazda RX-7 Shakugan No Shana II Ver. 1

This is the review of 1/43 Mazda RX-7 Shakugan No Shana II produced by Aizu Japan through their factory in China.

I love to collect 1/18 die cast car but apart from the price, the other more important factor is the space needed to display it. Thus, the other alternative as explained by my fried Eric Lim (who is also an avid model car collectors), I decided to switched to the 1/43 scale.

Eventually this small size 1/43 scale (about 4 inches or 10cm or there about plus/minus) is not really that cheap, in fact some of them can be quite pricey as well. The best time to buy it is during the discounted clearance sales - if the model you want happen to still exist then...

As a side note, I love collecting the car models from Japanese manufacturer i.e. the Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Honda because most of them (the real one) are available locally and can be seen easily (and most of them are quite affordable).

This is in fact my first ever car with "itasha" decals and deco.... oh well, since I like and want the Mazda RX7 so much, I don't mind about the decals though... I like it, though I would love it more if it's come with those typical street racers type of decals...

The box/packaging;

They give you this clear protective case to protect it from dirt and dust and pervert hands and sperm LOL... so it's quite decent deal actually for 1,260 yen (about SGD 20.00 / USD 17.00) before adding shipment charges.

OK, let's remove the c;ear plastic case and have a close look at this item;

As you can see from the custom base, there is "672 pcs." which means they only made 672 pieces of this limited item, HLJ website said the same, not sure if it's true though.... do you believe such thing?


Underneath the custom base ;


Isometric view;


The door is sealed so its quite difficult to take photo of the interior;


Let's have a further close up view on this car;


The disc brake  ^__^  


Oh well, since this is easy, we might as well have a look at the interior;


With just typical screw driver, we can remove the top part and see the interior;


And here there are;


Not great but I think quite good for such a small scale....

Overall, this is a very nicely detailed and painted 1/43 die cast model car. All the markings and decals are excellent and the finishing is quite outstanding as well. At the full price of 4,200 yen (about SGD 65 / USD 55) I don't dare to chew the price but after 75% discount (1,260 yen) I guess it's a more sensible price especially during this kind of weak global economy.....

If you like sex and beef burger, you should like this car as well..... LOL....



  1. wow 1/43 scale for the original price of 4200 yen .................

    it still nicely painted thought :)

  2. how nice photos!
    few weeks ago, i got whole series of KOYSHO-Shana series and looking for informaition of thoes.
    finally i visit your blog! :)

    im korean colletor. collecting not diecast car(like KYOSHO,Tomica,AutoArt,Minichamps..) also figma :)

    i'll call frequently!

    (i'm not good at english, so there are maybe some gramatically or other errors. i beg your understanding...:) )

    my blog is....

    1. Hello no problem, my English also not good. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will visit your blog now!!!!

      문제가 없음 안녕하세요, 제 영어는 잘 없습니다. 내 블로그를 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다. 이제 여러분의 블로그를 방문!!


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