Transformers Reveal The Shield - Optimus Prime and Megatron

I saw these 2 toys in one of the local shop here and there are 2 reasons why I suddenly just picked them up.

First and foremost, the most important part of all is the magnificent price.

Previously, the normal retail price was SGD 13.90 (about roughly USD 11.40) which I think is quite expensive for such a tiny Transformers figure but now, the price is SGD 6.90 (about roughly USD 5.70) and I think this is a reasonable price I would pay for such toys.

I guess that is the reason why many of this stuff were stuck in the shop collecting dust and at the end they have no choice but to sell it cheaper than a whore in North Roxbury.

I picked the most popular and probably the best selling Transformers icons, Optimus Primus Di Caprio and his long lost homosexual lover turn nemesis, Megatron Abdul Kadeer. In normal world you will just knew them as Optimus Prime and Megatron.

The packaging;

It's plain simple, justified the cheap price....

Outside the packaging;

First let's have a look at Optimus Prime;

The transformation process is quite easy even for an old man like me, if you worry that you will forget about it, just make sure you don't throw away that packaging.

And now let's look at Megatron;

I like this classic anime version of Optimus and Megatron the pistol. Generation one or somethig like that. I dislike the movie version coz they look like a wimpy alien who tried to be a robot with no penis or sexual desire what so ever. That is my personal opinion, you may disagree and hell I don't give a shit about it, go fuck yourself. Just because I criticized doesn't mean I don't like Transformers or the movie. Dissent is not disloyalty, some motherfucker just don't understand that it at all...

Nonetheless, this is how they look like after transformation;

The Optimus Prime in his traditional truck mode;

Apart from this Transformation features, this toys also offer this thingy they called "Reveal the shield" whatever that means.

Basically you touch this sticker and it will reveal the Autobots or Decepticons logo

Eventually though, since my fingers were all over this toys when I did the transformation, basically you can now always see the logo... originally that part on the sticker is just plain black color....

And now the Megatron in his traditional pistol mode.....

And the same features about "touch the sticker" thingy;

In their robot mode, they have minimal articulation but I'm quite happy with it;

Optimus have articulation on the shoulder and elbow on his arms part but his legs are dead straight.... the head can't do much either.

Megatron have articulation on shoulder only (for his arms part) but he have better articulation and movement motion on his legs part where he can do this kneeling pose...

And a little bit more photos of them doing some "wonderful" action pose;

And now finally the 2nd reason I bought these 2 guys....

If you press the head part like this and say the word "transform" 7 times;

The tiny guy will change to a better and bigger version of Optimus Prime like this;

Wow.... magnificent!!!!

And the same for Megatron, press the head and say "transform" 7 times;

And "walan eh".... he become like this;

Very cool huh?

Of course it's a fucking bullshit!!!! Don't think anybody would believe that..... LOL

Eventually, the 2nd reason why I bought the 2 tiny guys is simply because I want to compliments my previous non-transformable Revoltech Optimus Prime and Revoltech Megatron;

And that's about it....

Overall, for the cheap price I paid, I think these 2 tiny guys are just fantastic. They don't offer anything magnificent like what a sex vibrators can offer to you but they can do the usual transformation and they can do well in their robot mode.... what more could you ask from a Transformer toys? I just love both of them. They're not perfect but likeable... Well done on this one Hasbro...



  1. what a refreshing out take/ review on transformers dude! HAHA. and about the "evolving", I fell for it.... as i do believe in miracles. LOL

  2. Hi SL619, thanks, it's my typical way of doing review here, full of bull shit for the fun of it coz I believe many other people have done it the proper and polite way, so I choose to be unconventional ^__^ Have a nice day...

  3. The Vehicles and Gun mode are attractive :D

    that bullshit are all reasons to read your review's text :D at least those are attractive for me ^^ glad no weird action pose this Time ;) although I was expecting that when you mention "Optimus Primus Di Caprio and his long lost homosexual lover turn nemesis, Megatron Abdul Kadeer." at the beginning LOL


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