Abstract Light Painting V2

Up until recently, when it comes to "White Balance" setting on my camera, I always use the "Auto White Balance" and I guess many other people out there did the same.

But that all changed after I read some "expert advise" from the Lumix Lifestyle - basically some sort of a club or rather forum for owners of Panasonic Lumix camera.

And recently, I went down town to do some outdoor night scenery shooting and this time around I did play around a lot on that "K" temperature thingy (some White Balance adjustment number) on my Panasonic Lumix G1.

I also managed to do something fun... the "abstract light painting" stuff.....

And all these are some of the result;

And this one happen to be my personal favorite of them all;

I think it's beautiful.... created out of no where without planning what so ever.... this is absolute genius LOL.... oh well, if I don't praise and appreciate my own works, I guess no body else would isn't it....



  1. Hey, I liked your "abstract light painting" pictures! I would like to know how to do them! I only have the HS10, though! Keep up your good job!

  2. Hello Mike, thanks a lot, I'm flattered as so far you are the only person who appreciate it and leave a comments LOL...

    Even with Fuji HS10, you still can do this.

    Just got to Manual mode.

    Use ISO 100.

    Use the biggest Aperture available.

    Choose slow shutter speed, say 2" or 3" or 5" or 10" - experiment with them all one by one...

    Frame your picture, usually you will try to see those scenery or buildings or monuments with lights or you can just chose those street lights as the subject.

    So for example, if you chose 3" (3 seconds), once you press the shutter, it will open up for 3 seconds and it will take another 3 seconds for it to close, during this period just move your camera to the left or right, up or down, or do move it like you are painting something....

    From there you should get some results... basically all of mine are truly random movement, I don't plan anything, I just move them around, see the results, if I like it, I keep it, if I don't like it, I do it again... simple as that..

    Some people do some videos about "Light Painting" in YouTube, you can go and search it... Good luck


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