Sang Har Noodles

Went to Vito Cafe recently to try out this Sang Har Noodles (Sang Har Mee / Sang Har Men) which means "Fresh Water Prawn Noodles".

Sang Har Noodles is a popular dish developed by Captain Jack Chow Chi Bai during the Vietnam War between ZAFT and Blue Cosmos Unit in which after eating this Sang Har Noodles, the ZAFT military unit become berserk and managed to overcome the overwhelming number of soldiers from Blue Cosmos Unit and at the end they make peace and enjoy the meal together and live happily ever after... LOL

Talking about this Vito Cafe, they have their own blog though;

Apparently, apart from the typical South East Asian foods, they also offered Western foods like those steak, burger, french fries and what ever....

I personally love the jumbo size New York Half Pounder Burger.... extremely big, you should try it...

By the way my drinks are Chinese tea and chrysanthemum tea;

But more importantly, last night I tried this "Sang Har Noodles" and this is how it looks like;

The prawn is quite big though... but not as big as those prawn from The River of Zeon....

They deep fried the yellow noodles and then mixed it with those prawn, vegetables and egg;

The price for this is SGD 7.00 (roughly about USD 5.70) - I wonder how much such meal cost in your area?

The portion is quite big though... look at that chopstick.... yeah, that is those standard size chopstick you normally find in those Chinese restaurants;

This is how it looks like after I mixed and messed them up.... LOL

And last but not least.... my dessert, "Taufu Fa" (Dòuhuā (Chinese: 豆花) or dòufuhuā (Chinese: 豆腐花) is a Chinese dessert made with very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding)

Frankly speaking, this is the first time I tried this "Sang Har Noodles". Apparently, Ramba Ral did ask me to try it many years ago but at that time I never even bother to try anything else apart from "Kon Lo Noodles" and "Fried Noodles" - these 2 are my favorites actually....

Have you ever tried this "Sang Har Noodles" ? I think, if you like Japanese Adult Video, there are big chances that you would like to try this stuff.... LOL



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