Customized White Balance

Frankly speaking, being typical novice I always tend to use "Auto White Balance" settings though once in a while I will switched to the other "White Balance" settings like Sunny, Cloudy, Florescent, Incandescent if I remember to do it but most of the time - say 70% of the time I will just leave it to "Auto White Balance".

But recently I joined the Panasonic Lumix Lifestyle Club and I go thru all the tutorials and expert advice as I believe that the process of learning should continue and there is nothing wrong to go thru the basic all over again.

Night photography, be it scenery or outdoor portrait is can be difficult due to the low or minimal light situation. However, that doesn't mean that we should avoid it all together, it's challenging - yes, but if we take the time to learn and understand about the full capabilities of our camera and also by reading advice and tips available freely from the internet, surely we can make something out of it. After all photography is all about experimenting and have fun.

And in this post you can see all these photos, using Manual Mode, small to medium Aperture setting, slow Shutter speed from 5 to 10 seconds, ISO 100 and most of all the "Custom White Balance" - between the 3000K to 5000K - something that I never thought I would use - ever...

How about you? Do your camera also have those customized "White Balance" settings? Did you ever tried using it before?



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