Consumer Fair 2011

Went to this event last Saturday and captured some photos for sharing;

This event was held at the International Convention Centre in Berakas. According to newspaper, they managed to get over 100,000 visitors this year which is indeed a big success considering that our population here is only about within 400,000 people (roughly about 20% are foreigners).

This is some sort of "manual blender" using hands, good for onions and all that stuff. I eventually bought 1, pink color as it reminds me of Haro from those Gundam anime.

Formula One car steering replica from the Brunei Shell Marketing booth;

They have this racing simulation thingy, I would love to try it as well but since I see them using Monaco Circuit only, I skipped, Monaco is one of the most difficult track (at least personally for me), you need lot's of grip and basically it is extremely difficult to do over taking maneuver there - usually pole position have bigger chance of winning the race - though anything can happen they said.

I think that guy said: "You sucks, why don't you just get out of it, my lunch break is very soon".... LOL

And some random photos from around the event....

This is the "Night Safari" bull shit thingy... basically just statue alike stuff displayed with sound effects and lights and lots of air conditioning.... I heard that they managed to get around 12,000 visitors in which they claimed a very big success.... You have to pay SGD 3.00 entrance fee.... so after what I "experienced" in this "safari", hell I say that is a big success...

Free ice cream - you will get many of these "test stuff" within the event, from hot drinks, instant noodles and butterfly meat.... LOL

Apparently there are a bunch of people who do some "cosplay stuff" which become popular attraction for the visitors to do photo session with them;

This is Chobits I think;

And I think this is Jack and Jill in "beast form" - I remember saw those masks in one of those Japanese Adult Video from the "Beastility genre" - kind of disappointing as at the end it's basically human wearing animal mask having sex with those pretty actress;

The popular Tinky Winkie, Dipsy, Poo and Lala;

This is another hobbyist cosplaying as the young Deng Xiao Ping with light saber from the popular movie - "Where is Deng"... LOL

This photos remind me of those classic series "The three stooges".... LOL

"The White Kitchen Helper" from the popular tv series about cooking - "Cooking with Wong"

This is "The Black Kitchen Helper" - basically the black version of "The White Kitchen Helper" from the same show hosted by Lucas Wong.... LOL

And oh.... a clown... I'm a "clownphobic"....

From what I heard, there suppose to be 30 or 50 cosplayers around but I only saw a few of them, I guess at this point of time they are all still constipating in the toilet for eating too much rice.... LOL

We also visit this "Thailand Grand Fair" - basically showcasing some traditional and commercial products from Thailand.

This guy said: "Hell, I'm bored surrounded with this umbrella".... LOL

Quite a gorgeous Thai lady but she looks pretty hungry.... LOL

She said: "Ewww, I'm kind of tired doing this stuff..." LOL

Overall I think it's quite a fun event.... well, I guess it's much better than just sleeping at home. I hope I can go to this event again next year and for many years to come... sigh...

As for the "cosplayer" thingy it's kind of disappointing that we didn't manage to see them all, they are all self-volunteered "contributors" for this event anyway so I can understand that probably many of them maybe quite late and less organized scattering here and there within the hall without proper "action plan" or some sort but anyway it's good that at least they tried their best. I think their presence certainly managed to "lighten-up" the event further...



  1. Could I have the name of the Dengxiao Ping movie? It sounded interesting. Unless of course. It was a joke.

  2. I mentioned it up there - "Where is Deng?" .....


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